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How to Write a Perfect Podcast Episode Summary – Plus Tips, Benefits & Examples

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After your title, your podcast summary is the first thing potential listeners will see, so you need to make it engaging. This blog will teach you what makes a great podcast summary, why it’s important and give examples to inspire you.

What is a podcast episode summary?

A podcast summary is a short paragraph that lets listeners know what the episode is all about. It functions like the blurb of a book – the goal is to sell the episode, to get people interested and to advertise what they can expect if they listen. Break down the topics covered, what your listeners will learn and any guests you have on

How does a podcast summary differ from podcast show notes?

Your episode summary is a part of your show notes – the first part, usually. Alongside the summary, the show notes will likely contain a more general description of your podcast, your social links, guest biographies and their social links and information about any sponsors or advertisers you might have.

How long should a podcast summary be?

It depends on how long your episodes are, but your summary should definitely be brief. Rather than a specific word count, try to convey all the necessary information as concisely as possible. It’s a good idea to break it down and include bullet points (ideally with Chapter links) so that listeners can see the content at a glance.

Your podcast summary is another way to turn scrollers into listeners, so it needs to be snappy and enticing, as well as informative for your established listeners, so that they know what they’re getting.

What is a good podcast summary?

A good podcast summary is snappy, brief and enticing, letting listeners know exactly what they’re getting and making it impossible for them not to listen. When you’ve written it, read it back and ask yourself: would this make me listen? Do some research – look at podcasts in a similar niche to yourself and decide if they’re doing anything better than you. If they are, incorporate their ideas into your summary! On the flip side, is there something you can do differently that will turn scrollers into listeners?

Let’s break down some actionable tips when writing your podcast summary!

5 tips when writing your podcast summary

  1. Use bullet points
    Readers should be able to see exactly what your podcast will be including at a glance, so bullet point the different topics you discuss in your episode.
  2. Be engaging
    Attention is a premium, so make sure you’ve got theirs locked in – whether it’s a big guest or you’re talking about some huge news, get the most exciting aspect of the episode in your first line.
  3. Mention your guests
    Letting your listeners know who’s joining you on this episode is a great idea – it shows them how this episode is different from others, and entices fans of that guest, too.
  4. Optimize for keywords
    Make sure you’ve got topic keywords in your first few lines – Including keywords in your summary, along with your show notes, transcription, episode title and meta data, increases the chances of Google and other search engines returning your episodes to people when searching the web. Don’t overdo it with keywords: listing as many as you can, including synonyms, is known as keyword stuffing and doesn’t work. Search engines and podcast apps don’t approve of this behaviour, plus you’ll turn away potential listeners.
  5. Include a clear Call To Action
    Getting a CTA in your summary helps push your listeners towards helping you out. Keep it simple, just one thing – “leave a review here” or “follow me on Twitter here”.

Examples of a good podcast episode summary

Let’s take a look at three examples of podcast summaries for you to use as a template.

Example #1 – Mindfulness podcast with Dr. Olivia Tran

Step into the world of mindfulness with renowned meditation expert, Dr. Olivia Tran. In this episode, we delve into the art of achieving mental clarity and emotional well-being through the practice of meditation.

Dr. Tran shares her insights on:

  • The science behind mindfulness and its impact on the brain
  • Practical tips for incorporating meditation into a busy lifestyle
  • Common misconceptions about meditation and how to overcome them
  • The transformative power of mindfulness in managing stress and anxiety

Join us for a calming conversation that will guide you on a journey to a more peaceful and centered life. Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a curious beginner, this episode is sure to provide valuable insights.

Example #2 – Cooking podcast with Chef Javier Rodriguez

Embark on a culinary adventure with award-winning chef, Javier Rodriguez, as we explore the fascinating world of fusion cuisine. In this episode, Chef Rodriguez shares his expertise on:

  • The art of blending diverse culinary traditions to create unique dishes
  • Unexpected flavour pairings that will tantalize your taste buds
  • Tips for home cooks to experiment with fusion cooking
  • The influence of travel and cultural experiences on Chef Rodriguez’s culinary creations

Prepare to be inspired and hungry as we unravel the secrets behind the delicious and diverse world of fusion cuisine. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or aspiring chef, this episode promises to ignite your passion for the global flavours of gastronomy.

Example #3 – Astrophysics with Dr. Emily Harper

Unlock the mysteries of the cosmos with astrophysicist Dr. Emily Harper in this captivating episode on the wonders of space exploration. Dr. Harper takes us on a cosmic journey, covering:

  • The latest breakthroughs in space research and exploration
  • Insights into the potential for life beyond our planet
  • The challenges and excitement of being an astrophysicist in the 21st century
  • How space exploration impacts our understanding of the universe

Whether you’re a space enthusiast or simply curious about the mysteries of the cosmos, this episode promises to expand your knowledge and leave you in awe of the vast and infinite universe that surrounds us. Tune in for a cosmic adventure with Dr. Emily Harper.

4 benefits of podcast summaries

Having a good podcast summary leads to:

  1. More listener engagement

    You’ll be attracting and turning more passive scrollers into active listeners if your podcast summary is effective and engaging.
  1. Better SEO ranking

    Getting those keywords in, alongside other important podcast SEO fundamentals, means your episode will be more likely to rank for them on Google, so people searching for topics you mentioned will see your episode.
  1. Engagement with your more casual fans

    Writing a tight summary, with Chapter links, allows your listeners to skip around. This is great for those who maybe wouldn’t listen to the full episode, and means you still engage with them. Read more about podcast chapters here!
  1. Potential listeners know exactly what to expect

    Letting listeners exactly what they’re getting will be great for your numbers, and also mean greater retention. People who want what you’re selling will be there because they know exactly what it is you’re about!


  1. Is it a good idea to use AI or a podcast summary generator?

    Using AI or some sort of podcast summary generator as a jumping off point can help you to get the ball rolling, but make sure you edit it pretty thoroughly to make sure your own voice shines through. Things like Chat GPT are useful tools, but they often need a human touch in the edit.
  1. What is the difference between a podcast summary and description?

    A podcast episode summary is a section of your show notes, telling the listener exactly what that episode covers and who’s involved. Your podcast description is a more top level overview of what your whole podcast is about and the kind of content listeners can expect week on week.
  1. Where are podcast summaries shown in podcast listener apps?

    Along with the episode title, summaries are the first thing that listeners see when checking out a podcast. A short version will be visible while listeners scroll past your show, and the full version will be shown to them when they click on your episode.
  1. What are podcast chapters?

    Podcast chapters are used by Spotify and Apple, and are timestamps for your episodes, allowing listeners to jump around to specific points. They are visible when listeners check out your episodes in the apps.


Your podcast summary should be short, informative and engaging. It should let listeners know exactly what they can expect from the episode using skimmable bullet points, with the most exciting information at the top to grab attention.

Include keywords to help the episode rank on Google and information about your guests, as well as chapter links to help casual listeners skip around – and that’s all there is to it!

Taking time to craft well thought-out summaries for your podcast episodes will stop people from scrolling past your podcast, and instead turn them into engaged listeners. Remember, first impressions count, your podcast summary is one of the first things listeners will read when checking out your show notes. Make them stick around!

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