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Our Podcast Launch Accelerator Course is Now Live!

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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on something extremely useful for podcasters yet again! Today, we’ve opened the doors on our brand new, free and totally badass podcast launch course, the Podcast Launch Accelerator!

If you’re a new podcaster hoping to finally launch that podcast this year, we’re really excited for you to start your podcast with free tools, tutorials, coaching and support from us. Heck, if you’re already a podcaster, there’ll be something for you to learn about podcast launch marketing strategy, audience growth and listener engagement from this course! 

What is the Podcast Launch Accelerator?

A screenshot showing the homepage of the Podcast Success Academy course

The Podcast Launch Accelerator is a free, 5-hour “how to start a podcast” course created and curated by me, Mark Asquith, and the team here at Rebel Base Media. It’s designed to help you start podcasting, keep podcasting and have fun doing it!

Those of you who’ve been around for a while will know that I retired our previous podcast launch course last year. It wasn’t serving new podcasters in the way I wanted it to, so I changed it up! 

The new course has been designed to tackle the four challenges that are shared with every new podcaster hoping to launch and grow an audience. We see these obstacles popping up every day, causing podcasters to stop before they’ve even started! So, throughout the course, you’ll find concrete, actionable ways to:

  • Overcome the overwhelm that comes with a new podcast
  • Decimate your feelings of imposter syndrome
  • Understand podcast technology and feel confident using it
  • Decide what to talk about and how to make quality content

The hours of content in this course all comes from my experience of 8 years in podcasting. It’s based on mistakes I’ve made (or seen other podcasters make), and the workflows, lessons and techniques I’ve learnt over the course of 1300+ podcast episodes and working with hundreds of podcasters.

It’s what I wish I’d had when I first started, and I hope you’ll find it motivating, useful and – most importantly – actionable. 

What can I expect from the Podcast Launch Accelerator?

A screenshot of Podcast Launch Accelerator module about podcast ideas

The new Podcast Launch Accelerator course is made up of manageable, jargon-free and bite-sized video tutorials broken into four distinct podcast launch phases:

  1. Designing your podcast
  2. Understanding the tech
  3. Building your podcast
  4. Launching your podcast
  5. Plus a bonus “What to do after launching” mini-course

We’ve also put together the most comprehensive, 30-page podcast launch crib sheet to give you a way to follow along with the course and come out of it with a detailed, considered launch plan to put into practice. 

Every new member will also be able to join the Podcast Launch Accelerator Facebook group for weekly live ‘office hours’ style coaching, plus get unlimited access to our pre-built templates, recording checklists and dedicated launch processes. 

This course will take you from zero to full, oven-ready podcast launch in a clear, supportive and proven way. It’s easy to understand, accessible, simple to follow and includes concepts that you won’t find anywhere else! And it’s totally free!

How do I join?

Head to the Podcast Success Academy to join the Podcast Launch Accelerator now. It takes 30 seconds and you’ll instantly have access to everything you need. 

We’ll be adding more content and courses as time goes by, so you can continue to learn and develop as a podcaster even after you’ve completed the course!

Come along to a Podcast Launch Accelerator webinar!

On top of the Podcast Launch Accelerator course, we’ll be running regular, one-hour webinars as a way to check in on your progress and give you extra support when launching. In the webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • More about the four challenges that stop podcasters starting, plus how to overcome them 
  • How to launch your podcast, find your first 100 listeners AND cover your hosting costs, in just 28-days
  • How to stay accountable throughout your launch and get hands-on support from the team and our community of podcasters

Plus a 15-minute Q&A session to ask any questions you might have about any step in the podcast launch process! Save your seat for the next session now! 

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