The Podcast Launch Doctor

Did you know that there are only FOUR things that stop people like you from launching a successful podcast?

Take the 45-second quiz to diagnose and overcome the ONE major thing that is holding you back from launching your podcast!

You're desperate to start your podcast but can never quite get to launch... right?

I'll be straight with you: when it comes to launching a successful podcast, there are only FOUR blockers that can get in your way, and every single podcaster, just like you and I, struggles with one of these four stoppers and wow, they really do stop us in our tracks.

Until today.

I'm going to help you to diagnose what's stopping you from launching and give you the exact next step to get you over that hump. No matter if you're:

Worried about not having the time

Scared of failing and not being successful

Confused and overwhelmed by podcasting technology

Unsure what to talk about and what format to choose

About this podcast launch quiz...

Answer a handful of quick, simple questions that will take about 45 seconds, and, together, we'll diagnose your podcast launch blocker.

On the very next page, I will:

  • Diagnose which of the four podcast launch blockers has stopped you from launching your show
  • Give you two specific, actionable things that you can do today to overcome it
  • Not try to sell you anything at all - we are not "gurus" here

Why should you let me help?

I work with these podcasters and more...


And have been chosen to educate on podcasting at these places, and more...


Can you answer "yes" to any of these questions?

If so, you already know that you could use some clear, straight-forward guidance.

Are you looking to go from idea to launch with a simple, clear plan?

Do you want to set your podcast up for success, from day one?

Have you gotten tired of the "gurus" selling you the next $97 podcasting course?

Are you thinking about quitting because you can never seem to launch?

Are you worried about being overwhelmed by a lack of time?

All you want to do is to get listed in Apple, Spotify, Amazon & more?

Are you wondering about finding the right mic choice and more, with no hassle?

Are you tired of conflicting advice and looking for someone to tell you exactly what to do, and when?

Do you constantly get given lots of advice but no clear, specific action?

Are you tired of feeling lost with no one to help you on a regular basis and in a safe, non-judgemental way? 

Do you struggle with accountability with no one making sure that you do what you need to at the right time?

Do you worry about feeling like you're an imposter and that people will not like your show or voice?

You're struggling with one of these four "podcasting blockers"!

The Fear of
Failure Focus

The Content
Confusion Curse

The Terminology

The Overwhelming
Time Trap

The next step is to find out which one is holding you back and to let me give you two ways to overcome it, today.

Take the 45-second quiz to diagnose and overcome your podcast launch stopper, now!