Welcome to the next generation of podcasting with enhanced RSS feeds powered by Podcasting 2.0 - a more immersive and interactive experience for both listeners and creators. With features like Location Information, Medium Type, Custom Text and new funding models, listeners now have additional ways to engage with their favorite podcasters, including you!

What is
Podcasting 2.0?

For twenty years, podcasting has relied upon RSS to function, as the industry continues to evolve, Podcasting 2.0 seeks to advance and evolve the central technology behind this medium: the RSS feed.

Podcasting 2.0 is most commonly thought of as a collaborative development of new "tags" that can be included in podcast RSS feeds, with each tag opening up an opportunity for a new podcasting feature to be adopted by the industry.

Captivate has been involved in developing the new Podcasting 2.0 features and, as features become more mature, continues to adopt the most useful features that will positively impact the success of the serious independent podcaster and creator along with those being adopted by the industry as a whole.*

Read our "Podcasting 2.0 explained" article to find out more about Podcasting 2.0 and what it means for a serious independent podcaster like you.

*Did you know that RSS feeds use tags to add "features" to podcasting? New Podcasting 2.0 tags are suggested by passionate industry professionals and podcasters, reviewed by a peer group, and then released as "official" tags that hosting platforms like Captivate can then build into your podcast's RSS feed. Then, podcatcher apps such as Overcast and Goodpods "read" those tags to provide access to these new features for listeners.

Podcasting 2.0 Enhanced RSS Feed Features

The following Podcasting 2.0 features are currently supported by Captivate to enhance your podcast's RSS feed. As we consider and add new tags, they'll be added here and in our Help Centre.


Use this tag to link to a transcript or closed captions, you can have multiple tags for multiple formats.


This tag represents your podcast's episode number.


Used for seasonal podcasts to show which episodes are part of which season.


A unique identifier globally recognized number (36 characters) for each podcast RSS feed by the Podcast Index.


You can set this to yes or no. The purpose is to tell other platforms whether they can import this feed.


Podcasts can tag lists for donation and funding e.g. you can point to Patreon, Buy Me A Coffee, or even PayPal.

Integrates with your Captivate donation link.


This tag allows podcasters to point to a URL where license terms of a podcast live.


Tells the application what the content contained within the feed IS, as opposed to what the content is ABOUT in the case of a category.


Used to describe the location of what the podcast is about. It's NOT the podcaster's physical address or location. If it's a podcast about sightseeing in London recorded by someone in LA, the tag would set this as London.


Used to enable Value4Value crypto payments.


This element holds free-form text and is modeled after the DNS "TXT" record. It's meant to allow for usages that might be niche or otherwise not rise to the level of needing a dedicated tag.

Frequently Asked

There are four main Podcasting 2.0 initiatives that are up and running and which Captivate support including The Podcast Index, Podcast Namespace, Podping and Value-for-Value.

In-depth information on Enhanced Tags and more in our Help Centre.

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