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Captivate offers a diverse range of marketing and promotion tools for your podcast. Such as turning long external URLs into short, branded and memorable links with Attribution Links, and our Single Promo Link, a versatile link for listeners to use on all devices, offering one-click subscription links to top podcast apps.

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Effective Podcast Marketing and Promotion made easy with Captivate's diverse range of tools and features!

Other powerful marketing tools are our customisable websites and web player. Choose colours, layout and CTAs for your website and web player, and we also include many different options for sharing and embedding your episodes, as well as SEO fundamentals such as defining your slug, page title and meta description for each episode.

You can also manage all of your Marketing Links in one place. Add, remove or change your directory, social and monetization links, and decide which links to add to your Single Promo Link.

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Measurable Short Links

Turn long external URLs from sponsors or your own marketing strategy into short, branded and memorable links.

Visits to these links are fully tracked, giving you an insight into how your promotions, affiliate traffic and other important links are performing.


Single Promo Link

A memorable link that you can direct people to so that they can subscribe to your podcast in their podcast app of choice, on any device. All visits to this link are tracked and you can even see which apps people choose to listen in!

One-Click Media Kit

Showcase your podcast's unique value proposition, demographics, and engagement metrics to attract potential sponsors and make a compelling case for why they should invest in your podcast.

A well-crafted sponsor media kit helps you to set your rates and negotiate deals with confidence.

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Measure Your External Links

Along with our IAB Certified podcast analytics, you can also deep-dive into your Short Links, guest sharing links and podcast marketing links to track how your listeners are engaging and converting.

Connect Your Own Domain Name for Free

Connecting your own custom domain name not only enhances your podcast's credibility but also makes it easily discoverable across various platforms.

Your Custom Domain is also used for your branded Short Links as well as your Captivate Website and all of your membership, tipping & subscription pages.

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Beautiful, Embeddable & Shareable Podcast Player

Usefully beautiful on every device. The Captivate Podcast Player is embeddable and customizable to give your listeners a fantastic yet easy-to-use experience across your own website and social platforms. Make it your own with your branded colors and easily integrate shareable timestamps and HTML embeds, all built with accessibility in mind.


Unlimited Podcast Episode Playlists

The perfect way to make your back catalogue more accessible and to increase listenership through curation and collection of related episodes, each with its own RSS feed and fully embeddable playlist player.

Measurable Marketing Links

Your Marketing Links library is a convenient place to store all of your podcast-related marketing links, such as social media, monetization or podcast directory links, for easy access and also to help "feed" other parts of Captivate such as your podcast player, free Captivate Site, and Single Promotional Link.

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Stunning, No-Code Podcast Websites

Launching a simple website for your podcast has never been easier! With Captivate's in-built website tools, you'll be live in no time! Every podcast hosted using Captivate can enjoy a completely free podcast website that is easy to use, looks stunning on any device, and is fully setup for search engine optimization (SEO).

Custom Calls to Action

Add call to action buttons to your Captivate podcast player so your listeners can directly respond to your calls to action. Super useful for lead magnets and external website services associated with your podcast.


Create Your Podcast Network

Create your podcast network, invite your team, cross-promote your episodes, and analyze your entire network's performance and analytics in one place, and in just a few clicks.

Captivate powers some of the biggest networks in the world and gives the same tools to you, the serious indie podcaster.

Social Episode Marketing

Publish your episodes then tell the world. Share your social media optimized link so your episode looks great and encourages listening; grab the embed code to have your customized Captivate Podcast Player displayed on your website or share a link to directly download the audio file. Your show looks great, everywhere!

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Simple Embeddable Episodes

Captivate makes it easy for you to embed your podcast on your own website and brand it according to your website's theme.

When listeners use your embedded web player, you'll also get even more deep-dive analytics about your listeners and their behavior, including how long they listen to your show and the most replayed portions of your episode!

Built for SEO & Being Discovered!!

Captivate is built with SEO front and center so that you can quickly implement SEO techniques to naturally grow your audience and organically grow your profile online.

By optimizing your podcast for search engines, you give potential listeners more opportunities to discover you and your show when searching online rather than just relying on being found in podcast apps.


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For Custom Plans or need over 150,000 downloads per month, please email [email protected] who can help.

For Custom Plans or need over 150,000 downloads per month, please email [email protected] who can help.

What real podcasters say about our podcast hosting...


I've been with captivate.FM with my podcast Stillness in the Storms for over 2 years. My podcast has grown steadily.What is incredible...

James Walker

16 May 2023

I've been with captivate.FM with my podcast Stillness in the Storms for over 2 years. My podcast has grown steadily.What is incredible...

Steven Webb

16 May 2023

I love working with this very easy to use and powerful app. Guys on captivate support are very helpful !

Juliette DARGAND

16 May 2023

The absolute best podcast hosting service because it's so much more than just hosting. High quality people with drive, deep knowledg...

Seth Creekmore

22 November 2022

Amazing customer service - I really appreciate how fast Captivate gets back to you with a response and they are also so helpful. I highly...

cairp dream team

12 October 2022

I couldn't be more happy with my experience with Captivate. Previously, I was using Simplecast, but there was a lot I wasn't able t...

Sarah M

14 September 2022

Really great service with easy learning curve for use. Helpful knowledge base.

Andrew Ware

18 August 2022

These guys make my life so much easier. I love that they handle all things podcast for me, guest scheduling, episode uploading, distribu...

Bree Carlile

4 April 2022

I hesitated to move my podcast to Captivate.fm but I wish I hadn't waited for a second. Captivate makes your life as a podca...

Victoria Bennion

14 February 2022

I switched to Captivate due to some dishonest business practices from my previous podcast host. I was BLOWN AWAY by what I found whe...

Jenn | Virtual Summit Search

3 February 2022

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