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Since 2013, our team has been innovating podcast technology to help serious creators just like you to grow their audience, save time, and to monetize their audio influence.

We are a team of thinkers, designers, engineers, and, most importantly, podcasters. Captivate was created by frustrated indie podcasters to satisfy the needs of growth-hungry creators like you and to bring the innovation, quality, and technology only previously available to "big" podcasters to everyone.

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Starting out

I started podcasting because I'm passionate about what I love. I started podcasting ABOUT podcasting because podcasting IS what I love; we built Captivate so that you can grow what you love and so that the world will love it, too.

Mark Asquith, co-founder of Captivate

From start up to an industry-leading podcast service.

It's been quite the journey. From our founders' early visions to the humble beginnings of a startup to the industry-leading and trusted hosting platform that is enabling podcasters all over the world to produce, manage, grow and monetize their podcast.


Mark starts his first podcast with Captivate's now Head of Design, Garry and was bitten by the bug. Instantly, Mark discusses some ideas for the podcasting industry with friend and software engineer, Kieran McKeefery.


The pre-cursor to Captivate, Podcast Websites, launches offering podcasters a way to easily create and manage their own podcast website built on WordPress. The backend of Captivate's hosting was born.


The Captivate team speaks at Harvard University on the merits and the future of podcasting. Mark & Kieran discuss breaking out the podcast hosting & distribution technology from Podcast Websites and creating "a podcast host that builds things quickly, is affordable to everyone, is serious about audience growth and that never makes podcasters feel bad for asking questions".


Captivate is revealed to the podcasting industry via Podnews and the waiting list for access begins.


Captivate is launched and is immediately praised for its ease of use, large feature set and straightforward approach to podcast hosting. Captivate Sync™, Captivate's WordPress podcasting plugin, is also launched.


In May, Captivate achieves IAB Tech Lab Certified status, becoming the first UK-based podcast host to complete the certification. Alongside some great feature releases, 2020 is closed out with the launch of AMIE - Audio Monetization and Insertion Engine - providing a way for podcasters to dynamically insert content into their episodes.



A huge year for Captivate: the Podcast Launch Accelerator course is launched for free in January, a complete new look for the dashboard launches in June under the title Captivate 2.0, the internal education area Growth Labs goes live in June, the new sharable Podcast Player 2.0 launches in September and AMIE receives a big overhaul for its 2.0 release.

Closing the year out, in December, it was announced that Captivate had been acquired by Global, further strengthening its position to offer best-in-class hosting and ad technology to all podcasters.


The team sponsor, exhibit and talk at the first Podcast Show London then later that year a big change was made to all pricing tiers by vastly increasing the download limits, enabling even more value for those hosting their podcast with Captivate.


As the host of some of the biggest podcasts in the world, including "The News Agents", May of 2023 saw the launch of a game changer for many podcasters: a simple way to monetize their podcasts without the intimidation of large sponsors or ad companies. Podcasters can offer rolling revenue with Memberships or one-off payments via Tips. All are included for free for all Captivate members.

Captivate also rolled out one of the biggest feature sets in podcasting to support the Podcasting 2.0 initiative, reaffirming its commitment to helping serious podcasters to grow their audio influence and their audience.

The future

Since launching in 2019, Captivate has only scratched the surface of its overall vision, with lots more game-changing features to come. For those of you with us, you know the drill, for those of you wanting to jump onboard... let's Captivate.

Small but powerful

An experienced, deep-thinking team that speaks at podcasting events all over the world and delivers new, forward-thinking technology more frequently than anyone else.


Mark Asquith

Co-founder & Managing Director


Kieran McKeefery

Co-founder & Director of Technology


Garry Aylott

Head of Design


Danny Brown

Head of Podcaster Support


Sarah McDowell

SEO Manager


Pierre Finnimore

Lead Developer


Ben Dodd

Content Creator


Lester Joson

Developer and Podcaster Support


Judy Remollo

Podcaster Support

Advanced features for all

Captivate is where EVERY podcast gets access to growth-focused tech, not just the "big" podcasters.

Premium and advanced tools shouldn't be restricted to the big podcasts and networks. All podcasters should have access to these, especially serious independent podcasters like you.

We've built a range of advanced podcasting tools that previously would only be available to the big podcasts and networks, and made them available to all Captivate podcasters, on all plans.

We don't believe in hiding certain tools and features behind paywalls and we don't believe in restricting your growth based on what you pay.

Trusted by growth-focused indie podcasters, world-renowned creators and industry-leading audio agencies.

The News Agents


Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall - three of the UK's top journalists - host a brand-new daily news podcast: The News Agents.

Full Disclosure with James O'Brien


Award-winning LBC presenter and best-selling author James O'Brien hosts a series of compelling conversations with fascinating people.

What actual podcasters say about Captivate...


I've been with captivate.FM with my podcast Stillness in the Storms for over 2 years. My podcast has grown steadily.What is incredible...

James Walker

16 May 2023

I've been with captivate.FM with my podcast Stillness in the Storms for over 2 years. My podcast has grown steadily.What is incredible...

Steven Webb

16 May 2023

I love working with this very easy to use and powerful app. Guys on captivate support are very helpful !

Juliette DARGAND

16 May 2023

The absolute best podcast hosting service because it's so much more than just hosting. High quality people with drive, deep knowledg...

Seth Creekmore

22 November 2022

Amazing customer service - I really appreciate how fast Captivate gets back to you with a response and they are also so helpful. I highly...

cairp dream team

12 October 2022

I couldn't be more happy with my experience with Captivate. Previously, I was using Simplecast, but there was a lot I wasn't able t...

Sarah M

14 September 2022

Really great service with easy learning curve for use. Helpful knowledge base.

Andrew Ware

18 August 2022

These guys make my life so much easier. I love that they handle all things podcast for me, guest scheduling, episode uploading, distribu...

Bree Carlile

4 April 2022

I hesitated to move my podcast to Captivate.fm but I wish I hadn't waited for a second. Captivate makes your life as a podca...

Victoria Bennion

14 February 2022

I switched to Captivate due to some dishonest business practices from my previous podcast host. I was BLOWN AWAY by what I found whe...

Jenn | Virtual Summit Search

3 February 2022

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