Problems with My Current Host

Lack of Frequent Updates

Captivate is second to none on innovation. We've retained and scaled the start-up culture that propelled us to the very forefront of the podcast industry since our conception, keeping our finger on the pulse of what serious podcasters want from a host.

We're constantly releasing new, cutting-edge features which actually help podcasters like you save time in your workflow or money by eliminating the need for an external tool; our Creator Suite is always being packed with new tools for monetization, ad insertion and anything else you can think of.

With an interface actually designed for an intuitive experience for podcasters and a rock solid technology stack, Captivate always releasing serious tool for the serious independent podcaster.

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With our finger on the pulse of what podcasters actually need, Captivate is unmatched on the quality and consistency of our new feature releases.

Constant Upgrades, Modern Product Releases

Our future release roadmap is packed with regular updates and innovative platform developments.

We're committed to enhancing your podcasting experience with fresh features, improved functionalities, and cutting-edge tools. We're dedicated to helping you stay at the forefront of podcasting technology, making your podcast hosting experience better with each innovative stride we take.

Forget how podcast hosting used to be, we believe that your experience should evolve quickly and look stunning and easy to use, constantly.

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User Experience and Design

Our podcast hosting platform boasts a user-friendly UX and UI design that puts ease of use at the forefront.

With a sleek and visually appealing interface, navigating our platform is not only a breeze but also a joy. We've seamlessly combined great aesthetics with robust functionality, ensuring that you have all the tools you need at your fingertips to manage your podcast effectively.

Whether you're a tech novice or a seasoned podcaster, our design is tailored to enhance your experience, making podcast hosting both stylish and straightforward.

Don't believe us? Ask around.

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Captivate's Platform Technology

Powered by industry-standard podcast and media management technology, Captivate's technology stack is rock solid, so you don't have to sweat that stuff. With robust scalability, we grow alongside your podcast, accommodating your needs as you expand your audience.

Our commitment to server uptime guarantees that your podcast is accessible to listeners whenever they tune in. And rest assured, your podcast's security is our top priority, with robust measures in place to protect your valuable content.

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Choose Your Plan

All plans include a free no-obligation 7-day trial.
You'll get unlimited access to all features from day one, with no need to upgrade (ever!)

For Custom Plans or need over 150,000 downloads per month, please email [email protected] who can help.

For Custom Plans or need over 150,000 downloads per month, please email [email protected] who can help.

What real podcasters say about our podcast hosting...


I've been with captivate.FM with my podcast Stillness in the Storms for over 2 years. My podcast has grown steadily.What is incredible...

James Walker

16 May 2023

I've been with captivate.FM with my podcast Stillness in the Storms for over 2 years. My podcast has grown steadily.What is incredible...

Steven Webb

16 May 2023

I love working with this very easy to use and powerful app. Guys on captivate support are very helpful !

Juliette DARGAND

16 May 2023

The absolute best podcast hosting service because it's so much more than just hosting. High quality people with drive, deep knowledg...

Seth Creekmore

22 November 2022

Amazing customer service - I really appreciate how fast Captivate gets back to you with a response and they are also so helpful. I highly...

cairp dream team

12 October 2022

I couldn't be more happy with my experience with Captivate. Previously, I was using Simplecast, but there was a lot I wasn't able t...

Sarah M

14 September 2022

Really great service with easy learning curve for use. Helpful knowledge base.

Andrew Ware

18 August 2022

These guys make my life so much easier. I love that they handle all things podcast for me, guest scheduling, episode uploading, distribu...

Bree Carlile

4 April 2022

I hesitated to move my podcast to but I wish I hadn't waited for a second. Captivate makes your life as a podca...

Victoria Bennion

14 February 2022

I switched to Captivate due to some dishonest business practices from my previous podcast host. I was BLOWN AWAY by what I found whe...

Jenn | Virtual Summit Search

3 February 2022

Verbal Diorama
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The News Agents,
by Global

Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall - three of the UK's top, most revered journalists - host one of the world's biggest news podcasts: The News Agents, produced by Global.

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Bring Your Product Idea to Life

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