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How to Create Engaging and Powerful Podcast Taglines 2024 – Plus Examples

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Podcast taglines are short, catchy phrases to be said after the name of your podcast in your intro and outro. Also known as podcast slogans, they stick in your listeners’ memory and communicate some key information about what your show is going to be about – in this article, we’ll teach you what makes a great podcast tagline, how to make your own and give you some examples.

What is a podcast tagline?

A podcast tagline is like a catchphrase for your show – something catchy and memorable which will stick in your listeners’ minds while also letting new listeners know something about what your show is going to deliver.

Are podcast taglines and slogans the same?

Yep, podcasts taglines and slogans are the exact same thing. Both refer to a short, memorable phrase that you’ll say as part of your intro and outro. Once you’ve got a good one, your listeners won’t be able to get it out of their heads. 

Why are podcast taglines important?

A tagline is important for two reasons:

  • It’s something else that helps a listener really remember and connect with you
  • It summarises your podcast’s aim succinctly and cleverly

Delivering a neatly wrapped tagline illustrating what your show is all about will be far more effective than taking loads of time trying to explain it at length – a memorable tagline is a key step in turning casual listeners into fans.

How do you write a podcast tagline?

Ok, enough talk about why they’re so good – how do you even go about writing a tagline? A great place to start is with your XYZ statement. 

For a quick refresher, let’s take a look at what your XYZ statement is:

“I am going to do X for Y in order to achieve Z.”

Or, as an example:

“I will make a 90s alt-rock podcast for young professionals who collect vinyl in order to deliver deep dive content on their favourite bands, musicians and albums.”

It’s a statement of intent which allows you to zero in on your listener avatar and the exact aims of your show, so that you can reach your target audience effectively. Once you know that, it’s far easier to write a tagline to communicate this aim to your audience in a catchy way.

You can use a refined version of your XYZ statement for your tagline. From the example above my refined version could be:

“Dive deep into your favourite alt rock bands, musicians and records from the 90s and beyond”

3 podcast tagline tips

  1. Clarity

    You should use clear, simple language to communicate some part of what your show is delivering to potential listeners. A tagline is just a single line – it needs to be short, snappy and succinct.
  1. Unique Selling Point (USP)

    What are you delivering that they can’t get elsewhere? Avoid any kind of cliche or trite language, it’ll just make your podcast seem generic, where the point of a tagline is to achieve the exact opposite.
  1. Consider your audience

    The tagline, like every other aspect of your podcast, is crafted to appeal to your listener avatar. The tagline needs to make sense to them.

    It’s a good idea to address your audience in the tagline, something like: “the podcast for Star Wars lovers”.
  1. Make it memorable

    You want something that will stick in your listeners’ minds – try and get across exactly what your show will deliver in concise, snappy language. There should be no doubt about what they’ll be getting when they listen.
  1. Try it out on your friends

    Make use of your natural support network of friends and family – let them know what your tagline is and see if they can tell what your podcast is about. If not, go back and refine it. Don’t be afraid of showing your friends your early work, and be prepared to take some constructive criticism.

3 examples of podcast taglines

Spark of Rebellion podcast logo

A great example of a tagline is from Spark of Rebellion, Mark Asquith’s Star Wars Podcast: 

“News, reviews and discussion for the busy nostalgic Star Wars fan.”

It’s clear, it’s concise and it communicates exactly what the show delivers and who it’s for. Try using this exact format for your own podcast tagline.

Image source: Spark of Rebellion

How about The Podcast Accelerator, a show about how to achieve success with their own podcasts:

“Helping busy podcasters to grow their show with quick decision making and tactics on exactly what to do and when.”

Again – it hits the target demographic and shows you exactly what it’s going to give to them.

The Podcast Accelerator podcast
Image source: The Podcast Accelerator

One last one for good luck: the SEO Mindset Podcast:

“Actionable personal growth tips for SEO professionals so they can optimise their careers.”

Notice the pattern – let the listeners know what they’re getting, and who the show is aimed at. Nice and easy!

Image source: SEO Mindset Podcast

Is a show notable the same as a tagline?

A show notable is actually something else entirely – a little quip or phrase that people will associate with your show, like “I’m Loving It” for McDonalds or “They’re Great!” for Frosties.

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My favourite podcast notable is from Philosophize This!, a show about the history of philosophy. It goes:

“Thank you for wanting to know more today than you did yesterday.”
It’s simple, fun and easy. Here are a few more examples, this time for our show about 90s alt rock:

“For all the Dinosaur Seniors out there”

“If it’s Alt, we rock with it”

“Where every day the 90s are further away”

It needs to be something memorable and recognizable to fans of your topic (it doesn’t have to be for everyone – people not into 90s alt rock won’t get the Dinosaur Jr joke, but that doesn’t matter because we’re not aiming the show at them), and which delivers some kind of information on the vibe of your show.


  1. What are good opening lines for a podcast?

    You want to open your podcast with the name of your show, your own name, your tagline and a call to action. Your introduction should be the same every time to build familiarity with your listeners and to give your show some structure.
  1. What are good closing lines for a podcast?

    Your podcast should finish with a call to action, a message of thanks to your listeners and a reminder of the name of your show and your tagline. We also recommend teasing what’s coming up for the next episode, to hook people in.
  1. Do all podcasts need a tagline?

    Your podcast doesn’t need anything –  it’s your choice. However, we’d highly recommend including a tagline in your show. Memorable ones are fantastic at summarising your aims and getting into your listeners’ heads. A tagline gives you that professional edge and a way to stand out from your competitors.


Your podcast tagline is a short, catchy phrase to say after the name of your show. It should appeal to your target audience, be short and memorable and deliver some kind of information about what your show is.

A good way to create your tagline is from your XYZ statement – the statement of intent for your podcast describing what you’re aiming to do for who and how you’re going to do that. The best taglines draw the audience in by connecting with them about a shared area of interest in a concise, memorable way!

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