Blog Record How to Write the Perfect Podcast Intro Script: Hook and Engage Listeners

How to Write the Perfect Podcast Intro Script: Hook and Engage Listeners

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Reading Time: 8 minutes

Does using a podcast intro script increase listener engagement and stop people skipping off your podcast within the first few minutes? Yes. Stick around for everything you need to include in your perfect podcast intro, plus free templates and pro tips!

What is a podcast intro?

Your podcast intro is the first thing your listeners will hear, so you need to let them know exactly what they can expect, who you are and why you’re worth listening to. As much as the actual content you’re delivering, the tone is important, too – are you going for lighthearted and jovial or serious and deadpan? The tone of your voice and your choice of music will inform the listener straight off the bat.

Why is a good podcast intro important?

Listen to this introduction from Mark Asquith’s Podcast Accelerator. Ask yourself: “Why is it good?”

It’s good because it gets immediately to the point, introducing the content of the episode with no filler and then getting straight to Mark’s credentials and more top level information about the podcast. The musical sting suits the tone of the show – no nonsense, straight to the point, not too self-serious – and provides a nice sound bed for the introduction to flow.

A podcast intro like this immediately orientates the listener, letting them know exactly what the episode and the wider show are about and what they’re going to get out of it if they stick around.

Should I script my podcast intro?

Short answer? Yes!

There are a lot of things you need to hit in your podcast intro, and without a script you might miss something important out. We’ll go into the key elements below, as well as giving you some handy templates to help script out your own intro.

Maintaining a consistent and memorable introduction helps increase listener familiarity and therefore engagement with your podcast – if you’ve got a catchphrase you say each time, or even if you just introduce yourself in the same way, keeping this the same across your catalogue works wonders for listener retention!

Main elements of a podcast intro script

The key things you want to hit in your podcast intro are:

  • Your podcast name
  • Name of the hosts
  • The hook! What’s happening in this episode, and why is it great? Do you have any guests joining you? What unmissable thing are you going to be discussing?
  • Your podcast tagline or catchphrase – a quick, memorable line that you say at the start and end of every episode.
  • Your episode number and title
  • The name and details of your sponsors, if you have them
  • Your Calls To Action (CTA) – something small and simple you’re asking listeners to do, like follow you on Twitter.

Maybe you won’t need all of these every time, but it’s important to include any that are relevant.

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5 tips to write a good podcast intro script to hook listeners

  1. Write how you speak

    There’s a temptation, in a written format, to get a little more formal. We’d advise against it – don’t break away from your own authentic voice, that’s what listeners are there for. Try and write a sentence in the same way you’d say it, or even just bullet point the key areas you want to hit and let yourself ad lib around it.
  1. Don’t forget about your audience

    Consider your audience at every stage of your podcast recording and dissemination. What language is appropriate? What tone should you be striking? It’s easier to picture your ideal audience as a single person – your listener avatar – and consider exactly what he or she would like at every juncture. You can read our full avatar creation guide here!
  1. Get to the point quickly

    Attention is currency – don’t waste time with filler, and don’t assume anyone will listen longer than you keep them engaged for. Get to the interesting stuff as soon as you can – try and think about how you’d hook someone into a story if you were speaking to them in an elevator, where you’ve only got a few seconds to grab their attention.
  1. Get a catchphrase

    No, it’s not corny. Yes, it really works. Boosting listener familiarity with your format is always a good thing, and a nice simple catchphrase is such a simple way of doing that. Try it just in your intro, or in your intro and outro as well, and you’ll have your fans saying it to you in the street in no time.

    From Philosophize This!:

    “This has been Philosophize This. Thank you for wanting to know more today than you did yesterday.”
  1. Don’t go crazy on Calls To Action

    Ask listeners to do one thing ideally – two at an absolute maximum. The more things you’re asking them to do, the less likely they are to do anything at all. One thing, and make it as simple as possible:

    “Click the link in our show notes to follow the podcast on Twitter”


    “Find the link in our show notes to leave a review on Podchaser”

    You may have a few CTAs that you want to try on your listeners – just don’t cram them all into one episode. Better to swap and change your CTAs over your different episodes.

Podcast intro script examples – based on genre

Let’s take a look at some intro script examples for popular show genres!

True Crime:

[Spooky music fades in]

Host: “Welcome, fellow sleuths and armchair detectives, to another chilling episode of [Podcast Name], the podcast where we dive deep into the darkest corners of the criminal underworld. I’m your host, [Your Name], and together, we’ll unravel the mysteries, explore the evidence, and piece together the enigmatic puzzles that define some of the most gripping true crime stories.”

[Background music intensifies]

Host: “In each episode, we’ll take you on a suspenseful journey, examining notorious cases that have left an indelible mark on the tapestry of crime. From unsolved mysteries that continue to baffle investigators to the spine-tingling tales of infamous criminals, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for the truth. Welcome to [episode number and title], where we’ll be talking about [overview of today’s episode]”

[Sound effect of a creaking door]

Host: “So, lock your doors, turn off the lights, and join us as we navigate the shadows of the human psyche. But be warned, these stories are not for the faint of heart. The faint echo of footsteps in the darkness, the whispers of secrets, and the chilling details of real-life crime await you.”

[Foreboding music builds]

Host: “Before we plunge into the depths of darkness, we have a challenge for you, our dedicated listeners. If you have any insights, theories, or even your own true crime stories to share, reach out to us on social media. Connect with us on [Social Media Handles], and let’s solve these mysteries together. And don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and leave a review on your favourite podcast platform. Your support ensures that the darkness we explore continues to captivate curious minds like yours. Now, are you ready to embark on this haunting journey with us? Let the investigation begin.”

[Music reaches a crescendo before fading out]


[Upbeat music starts]

Host: “Hey there, laughter enthusiasts and merry mischief-makers! Welcome to another side-splitting episode of [Podcast Name], the comedy podcast that’s here to tickle your funny bone and brighten your day. I’m your jubilant host, [Your Name], and together, we’re diving headfirst into a world of humor, absurdity, and everything in between.”

[Lively music continues]

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Host: “In each episode, we’ll be serving up a hearty dose of laughter, sharing hilarious anecdotes, poking fun at life’s quirks, and exploring the lighter side of the human experience. From bizarre headlines to outrageous personal stories, we’re on a mission to spread joy, one punchline at a time. Welcome to [episode number and title], where we’ll be talking about [overview of today’s episode]”

[SFX: Laughter and applause]

Host: “So, whether you’re stuck in traffic, doing the dishes, or pretending to work at your desk, get ready to crack a smile and let those belly laughs loose. We promise to be your weekly escape from the mundane and the mundane-er.”

[Upbeat music builds]

Host: “But hey, this podcast is a two-way street of hilarity! We want to hear from you, our fabulous listeners. Share your funny stories, wild jokes, or even your weirdest dreams with us on social media. Connect with us on [Social Media Handles] and become a part of the comedy chaos. And of course, if you enjoy the laughs we’re serving, don’t forget to hit subscribe, rate us, and leave a review on your preferred podcast platform. Your feedback keeps the laughs coming!”

[Upbeat music reaches a crescendo]

Host: “Alright, folks, buckle up for a rollercoaster of giggles. It’s time to dive into another episode of [Podcast Name], where the punchlines are plenty, and the laughter is contagious. Let the comedic journey begin!”

[Music peaks before fading out]


[Newsy music intro]

Host: “Ladies and gentlemen, news junkies and information seekers, welcome to [Podcast Name], your go-to source for insightful analysis and the latest headlines that shape our world. I’m your host, [Your Name], and we’re here to bring you a curated dose of current affairs, untangling the threads of news that impact our lives.”

[Newsy music continues]

Host: “In each episode, we’ll be navigating through the complex web of global events, breaking down the facts, and providing you with a clear understanding of the stories that matter. From politics to science, culture to technology, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to [episode number and title], where we’ll be talking about [overview of today’s episode]”

[SFX: News soundbites]

Host: “Now, more than ever, staying informed is crucial. We’re committed to delivering accurate, unbiased news that empowers you to make informed decisions and stay connected to the pulse of the world.”

[Sound effect: Newsroom ambiance]

Host: “But here’s where you come in. We want your voice to be a part of this conversation. Share your thoughts, questions, or even suggest topics you’d like us to cover. Connect with us on [Social Media Handles] or drop us an email at [Email Address]. Your perspective matters, and we want to hear it.”

[Newsy music builds]

Host: “And of course, if you find our discussions informative and valuable, please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on your preferred podcast platform. Your support ensures that we continue to deliver the news that matters to you.”

[Newsy music reaches a crescendo]

Host: “Alright, let’s dive into today’s headlines on [Podcast Name], where staying informed is not just a choice, but a responsibility. Join us as we explore the stories shaping our world. Let’s get started.”

[Music peaks before fading out]


  1. Does my podcast intro need music?

    It’s not a necessity, but an engaging music bed helps to set the vibe and tone and provides your show with an air of legitimacy and professionalism that’s very useful when you’re first getting started. As with your catchphrase, it also boosts familiarity and helps to develop your audio brand.
  1. Where can I find music for my podcast intro?

    There are loads of great sites on which you can grab intro music, but we’d recommend Music Radio Creative as a great resource for podcasters! They boast an exhaustive library of royalty free music, as well as voice over and podcast editing services.
  1. How long should my podcast intro be?

    Your introduction only needs to be a minute or two – introduce yourself, your podcast, give a little overview of the topic, get your CTA in and then get on with the content.
  1. How many CTAs can my podcast intro include?

    Ideally, just one – a maximum of two. Include the link in your description and spell out exactly what you want your listeners to do. Make it fool-proof and quick and you’ll have far more engagement.
  1. What’s the biggest mistake podcasters make with their podcast intro?

    Waffling. Just get to the point! New listeners need to be grabbed and engaged right away – don’t take their attention for granted, you really need to earn it.
  1. Should I personalise my intro for each episode?

    Your intro should briefly talk specifically about the content of the episode you’re recording, but most of the other components should stay the same. It’s better to have a consistent intro, and ideally a little catchphrase, in order to build up some brand familiarity.


Your podcast intro should be brief, hooky and memorable, and the best way to make sure of that is to script it out. When you’re writing your script, make sure to speak in your own voice, always keep the audience in mind, avoid waffling and use your catchphrase!

Nailing your podcast intro will pull listeners in – you should tease what’s coming to make the episode absolutely irresistible, emphasising the most exciting part of it to really entice listeners into continuing. You don’t have the luxury of dancing around the subject – all listeners need to be convinced to continue, but especially first-time ones. Make them stick around!

Need help adding your podcast feed to YouTube, or how to use your podcast RSS feed for YouTube? We have you covered in Captivate’s Help Centre.

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