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We all like to save a little now and then, don’t we!

From time-to-time, we run podcast hosting discounts here with Captivate that include discount coupons, discount codes and things like extended trials for new Captivate podcasters.

We don’t put our podcast hosting discount coupons on any of the coupon sites and they’re always time-bound and expire after a specific time.

So, we figured that rather than you having to search them out, we’d just give you our Captivate discounts, special offers and current coupons in one, easy-to-find place right here on the website.

Current Captivate podcast hosting discount coupons

Argh, sorry – we aren’t running any promotional discounts or extended trials at the moment, but when we do we’ll post them here.

“When do you run Captivate discounts?”

Well, we don’t often – but when we do it can be around the holidays or to celebrate special milestones or events.

We don’t guarantee that we’ll hold any specific discount event at any time throughout the year but when we do, there will be all of the information on current discounts in a nice bulleted list above.

In the meantime, Captivate is the perfect podcast hosting platform to grow your podcast’s audience, so try it for free on us.

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