Captivate Zapier and Mailchimp Integrations are Go!

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We’re always on the hunt for new ways to make your life easier as a podcaster, whether that’s giving you new ways to promote your episodes, grow your audience or cut down on your boring admin jobs.

Well, this week we’re bringing you two new integrations to help you do all those things!

You Can Now Connect Captivate to 2000+ apps on Zapier 

Our Zapier podcast integration is now publicly available to everyone! That’s right, we’re out of beta with it, whoop! 

Think of Zapier as your robot friend, helping you automate the manual tasks, processes and admin jobs that come with running a podcast.

From automatically uploading episodes to sending emails to your subscribers when a new episode is published, Captivate’s new Zapier podcast integration will save you a lot of time and we’re excited to bring it to you!

Get 10 Zap Templates to Automate Your Podcast Workflow

We’ll be building our Zapier template library over the coming weeks. Until then, you can get started with a few of our 10 automated podcast workflows, including:

  • Create a draft episode in Captivate when audio is uploaded to your Dropbox
  • Send an episode audio file for transcription in Descript then get a Slack message when your transcript is ready
  • Update a Google sheet with your latest stats every day

We also want to know how you use Zapier to manage and publish your podcast! If you have a genius use for Zapier and templates to share, make sure to tell us about it and we might just add it to the library!

If you need some more help with Zapier, we’ve put together a Zapier FAQ as well as a video tutorial to guide you through setting up your account and creating your first zaps.

You Can Now Use Mailchimp with your Captivate Site

You can now use Mailchimp with our Captivate Sites™ opt-in feature! Just head to the Marketing tab on the Captivate dashboard to connect your account and start building your mailing list.

A few weeks ago we launched Captivate Sites™ V2, which included major new upgrades like built-in signup forms and lead magnet support.

This is just one of the few integrations we have coming up to help you grow your email marketing and podcast mailing list – keep your eyes peeled for more releases in the coming months!

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Rachel is Captivate's Marketing Coordinator and works closely with podcasters to ensure that the content that Captivate creates is genuinely helpful and easy to understand.

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