Blog Team Welcome Tiffany Mostert, Podcast Support Expert!

Welcome Tiffany Mostert, Podcast Support Expert!

Picture of Captivate's new Podcast Support Expert, Tiffany Mostert, with text "Welcome to our new podcast support expert"

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We’re delighted to be entering the new year with a further addition to the Captivate product team!

2020 was a massive year for us, and we want to make 2021 just as big. That means more features, upgrades, tools and products to help you, the independent, day-to-day podcaster. We need the manpower to make it happen, and thanks to your support so far, we’ve been able to welcome 4 new Captivate colleagues in just a few months!

So, without further ado, we’d like to welcome to Tiffany Mostert, Captivate’s new Podcast Support Expert!

Tiffany joins Sam, Danny, Lester and Judy as part of the international podcast support team, who work with you every day to answer your questions, lend advice and generally make the Captivate community a great place to be.

Tiffany has over 4 years of experience and brings to Captivate a wealth of skills in customer support and success. We’re really glad to have her on board to help podcasters like you launch, manage, market and grow their shows.

Welcome Tiffany!

Get podcasting help and advice with Captivate’s support and community

Our podcaster support team is always on hand to help! We cover the major timezones so you can always get timely, friendly advice wherever you are in the world:

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