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Spotify Launches 2023 Wrapped for Podcasters


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Spotify Wrapped has become a global phenomenon, but it’s not just for listeners to enjoy – the data can be used to track your most successful episodes and use them to replicate and build on your biggest successes. This article will explore what Wrapped for Podcasters is, how to access it and how to use the data.

What is 2023 Wrapped for Podcasters?

According to Spotify,

“2023 Wrapped for Podcasters is our way to recognize the achievements across our podcast creator ecosystem”.

In short, podcasters and creators get access to user behaviour, listening trends and other Spotify stats from the past year.

Anna Sian, who is Head of Marketing at Spotify said,

“Wrapped is Spotify’s biggest campaign of the year and has become its own moment around the world. And from a creator’s audience growth to other milestones they’ve unlocked throughout the year, it’s a trove of really valuable information on their trends from the past year. It’s as personalized as a campaign can possibly get.”

What data is included with 2023 Wrapped for Podcasters?

Ask any podcaster what is important to them, and listener growth is always at the top of the agenda. Podcasters work hard to create perfect episodes for their audience, and knowing if their show is resonating with fans and connecting with new listeners is essential. Podcasters need to understand and utilize listener data, which is one of the driving forces behind Wrapped for Podcasters.

Spotify gives you access to a microsite that delivers a personlized experience to each creator, including important listener data and creator trends from the past year.

Insights include your top episode, most-shared episodes, average podcast rating, global listener stats and year-over-year growth. This year Spotify has included more behavior insights such as the top music genre streamed by a show’s podcast listeners. There’s also a new data story featuring fan engagement insights that includes a quiz around your most-talked-about-episode.

Find out how many listeners have you as their number one show, or when you have appeared in their top 10 or 5 shows. For example, in one of their most recent newsletters, Podnews reported that 43 listeners have their daily podcast as their number one podcast.

How to access Wrapped for Podcasters

Accessing 2023 Wrapped for Podcasters is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Head to Spotify for Podcasters
  2. Click log in (top right of the screen)
  3. Select where your podcast is hosted. For those who use Captivate, select Somewhere else
Spotify options for where your podcast is hosted
Spotify options for where your podcast is hosted
  1. Log in to your Spotify account
  2. Paste your podcast RSS feed – your email needs to be visible. Email addresses are hidden by default in Captivate for security, but you can unhide this for 24 hours
Where to enter your podcast RSS feed URL in Spotify
Enter your podcast RSS feed URL in Spotify
  1. Claim your podcast and click Explore your Wrapped at the top of the screen
Explore your Wrapped in Spotify
Explore your Wrapped in Spotify
  1. You’ll then be shown a microsite containing all your stats
Your Wrapped for The SEO Mindset Podcast in Spotify
Your Wrapped for The SEO Mindset Podcast in Spotify

Top podcasts globally on Spotify

The question that is probably on every podcaster’s lips, what were the most popular shows of 2023?

It will come as no surprise that The Joe Rogan Experience takes the crown for the most popular show, winning the top position for the fourth year in the row. The show is owned by Spotify, thanks to an exclusivity deal which cost them over $200 million.

In second position we have Call Her Daddy. Spotify also owns this show, after the hosts agreed to a three year deal worth more than $60 million.

Here are the top 10 shows:

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience
  2. Call Her Daddy
  3. Huberman Lab
  4. anything goes with emma chamberlain
  5. On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  6. Crime Junkie
  7. This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von
  8. Serial Killers
  9. The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett
  10. TED Talks Daily

For more insights and trends to dig into check out top songs, artists and podcasts.

Ways to grow your podcast on Spotify

After seeing your success on Spotify, you’re probably eager to do more on the platform. Spend time attracting more listeners and increasing downloads. Spotify has you covered with Masterclass, an educational video series helping podcasters get the most out of the platform for their show.

There’s also Fan Study for podcasters, which is a collection of data-driven insights about creation trends and listening behaviours, that podcasters can put into action.


If you haven’t already, claim your podcast in Spotify and start digging into your stats with Wrapped for Podcasters. Find out what your popular episodes are, where in the world people are tuning in from and how much growth you’ve seen in the last year.

Use the data to see how far you’ve come, but also plan for the next year ahead. Using Spotify resources such as Masterclass and Fan Study, you can make 2024 even better than 2023.

Make sure to celebrate your successes with your co hosts, listeners and fans. Spotify also creates social assets containing your top level stats, which you can share on your social media channels. A great little addition to help you spread the word of the impact your podcast is having.

As Anna from Spotify eloquently explains,

“Listening to a podcast is like having a creator as your best friend. They’re with you on your commute, while you’re washing dishes, making you laugh or sharing some tears with you. Wrapped for Podcasters provides the perfect opportunity for creators to acknowledge their fans who have come along on their journeys, stuck around, and become a part of the conversation.”

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