Blog Analytics Captivate is IAB Certified!

Captivate is IAB Certified!

Captivate IAB Certification - Podcast Analytics

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The Captivate team is excited to announce that the platform has just achieved IAB Tech Lab Certified status as a podcast analytics provider. Whoop!

Our CTO, Kieran, and the Captivate engineering team have been working closely with the IAB to audit, fully document and certify the Captivate podcast analytics measurement and reporting modules to the IAB Tech Lab v2 standards and achieve formal certification from the IAB Tech Lab.

Advanced IAB Tech Lab certified podcast analytics are now available worldwide, to all Captivate podcasters at no extra cost as Captivate becomes the first UK-based podcast host to complete the certification.

Achieving the certification process at an unprecedented pace, the Captivate podcast analytics platform was already built to adhere to IAB standards and as such, we’re delighted to be able to have achieved this certification without any disruption to podcasters and without seeing any significant changes to podcasters’ reported download numbers.

As a podcast hosting platform, we made the decision early to work with our podcasters to help them to grow their shows and their own podcast brands.

So, the decision to work with the IAB Tech Lab became an easy one to make as podcasters continually look to hone in on the accuracy of their analytics and of course, understand their listenership more and more as our industry progresses.

We’re also pleased to be able to work closely with the IAB Tech Lab and their steering groups to help to shape the future of podcast measurement and will bring to the table the inimitable Captivate approach and pragmatic view of podcasting as it is now, and as it may exist in the future.

We hosted a special, customer-only webinar earlier this week to announce this to our podcasters and to answer any questions that our podcasters may have had before publicly announcing this and I’d personally like to thank each and every one of those podcasters for their support and their excitement about the future of Captivate as a platform that proactively helps them to achieve their own version of podcasting success.

Congratulations, too, to Kieran and his engineering team on the work put into this achievement – we’re lucky to have such a talented and conscientious team who enjoy helping podcasters every single day.

As always, we’ve made sure that our help and support articles are fully up to date with the certification and Sam & the podcaster experience team, plus Kieran and I, are always available to answer any questions.

Here’s to the future of podcasting – we’re at a developmental time in the history of the medium and it’s an exciting time to be working with you on your shows and to move the industry forward.


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