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Captivate Launches Support For Apple Podcasts Subscriptions


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We’re delighted to announce that, from Tuesday, December 5th, support will be in place for Apple Podcasts Subscriptions through delegated delivery, allowing podcasters to submit premium audio to Apple Podcasts using Captivate.

What is Apple Delegated Delivery?

Using Delegated Delivery, podcasters can submit premium, paywalled content for listeners to access within Apple Podcasts, making monetization even easier for podcasters and intuitive for listeners. Captivate doesn’t charge you for the service, though to submit premium shows, you will need to be a member of the Apple Podcasters Program, which costs around $20 per year (this varies slightly by country). You won’t need to be a member of the program to submit free shows and episodes (i.e., not premium, paywalled content).

Captivate podcasters can use Apple Podcasts Subscriptions to submit premium episodes alongside free ones, and submit entirely premium shows. This is all managed simply from within your Captivate dashboard and accessible from within Apple Podcasts – your premium content could include:

  • Exclusive episodes
  • Bonus episodes
  • Early-access episodes
  • Ad-free episodes

How does Apple Delegated Delivery help podcasters?

Through this direct partnership with Apple, we’re once again leading from the front of the podcasting industry, and we’re thrilled to have all of you here with us. Through Delegated Delivery, you can deliver your premium episodes directly to listeners within Apple podcasts, making it even easier for your fans to financially support you for the great content you produce.

We’ve always aligned ourselves with independent creators who are serious about podcasting, and one key facet of that seriousness is the ability to turn your passion project into a meaningful income stream. With each Captivate update, we’ve added yet more ways to allow you to take that next step with your podcast, make some real money and continue to deliver the strongest possible content to your eager listeners.

This is just the latest chapter in Captivate’s storied mission to bring professional level podcast marketing and monetization tools to independent podcasters – you’re the ones who started this industry, and you’re the ones who continue to make it an interesting and rewarding space in which to innovate, and that’s why we’re committed to helping you to get the very most out of your podcasts.

Why is it good to offer premium content within Apple Podcasts?

Delivering premium content directly within a popular podcast app like Apple Podcasts will undoubtedly have a tangible, positive impact on the amount of revenue your show generates for you, simply because it makes the process of paying for content absolutely seamless for your listeners. Make sure you’re proactive in your communication once you’ve set Apple Podcasts Subscriptions up, and that your listeners know how and where to support you, and then enjoy the fruits of your labour!

The programme allows you to get really granular with your monetization, putting single episodes or whole shows behind a paywall, so spend some time testing to see what works best for you. If you’re paywalling single episodes, it’s best to present them as “bonus” or “extras” to what listeners are currently getting for free – fans are always willing to pay for additional content, but might not be so keen to fork out for what they’ve historically gotten for free. As always, the Captivate team is here to help, and we’ve got a full suite of education and guidance primed to help you hit the ground running.

You can read more information about delegated delivery in Apple’s help articles, and follow our guides to set it up in Captivate here.

How do I set up Apple Podcasts Subscriptions in Captivate?

To connect Captivate to your Podcasts Connect account, and use the Delegated Delivery feature, you’ll need to generate an API key for Apple that you can add to your Captivate account.

  • Log in to Apple Podcasts Connect
  • Click Account
  • Click Keys
  • Click the Generate API Key button
  • Give your key a name (this can be your show or channel name, or something that’s easy to identify it as the API key for Captivate)
  • By default, the Roles box will display Show Manager and be greyed out, since this is for your admin account. If you’re adding Team members to your Podcasts Connect account, you can give them separate keys and roles.
  • Click the Generate button

The next screen will show you the API key details, including the name you chose, the Key ID, and who has access to that key.

  • Copy the Key ID, and also download your API key file (you need both these options)
  • Log in to your Captivate dashboard
  • Click My Account
  • Click Apple Integration
  • Paste your API Key ID into the box, and upload your API key file
  • Click Save Changes

And that’s it – your Captivate account is now connected to your Apple Podcasts account. You’re set up to send premium/exclusive episodes out to your Apple Podcasts Subscription members!


Using Apple Podcasts Subscriptions allows podcasters to offer premium, paywalled content to listeners directly in Apple Podcasts. This simple, intuitive approach to monetization makes it far easier for listeners to financially support their favourite podcasters, and opens up another revenue stream to Captivate podcasters.

By empowering podcasters to generate meaningful income through premium content, Captivate continues to support the vibrant community that has shaped and sustained the podcasting space, providing you with an unprecedented level of control over your monetization.

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