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Introducing… Captivate Private Podcast Feeds!

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Private podcasting for everyone, on any plan, at no extra cost.

Every podcaster should have the tools to grow their show and build an audio brand – not just those who can afford it.

Usually, private feeds are reserved for networks, enterprise or ‘pro’ podcasters. For the day-to-day podcaster, it normally involves upgrading to a higher paid plan. It’s a BIG step up for what is a very useful growth tool. Why would we gatekeep it?!

Today, we’re announcing private podcasts but with one HUGE difference.

Any podcaster can now start a private feed for free with no need to upgrade or pay extra.

Every podcaster on our $19 per month plan now has access to one private feed and 150 invites.

Audio Influencers on the $49 per month plan have one private feed and 500 invites.

Podcast Brands on the $99 per month plan have 3 private feeds and 1000 invites.

This means anyone, regardless of size or following, can now:

  • Offer premium or bonus content to listeners and subscribers
  • Run a paid membership or subscription
  • Start a corporate or internal podcast for business
  • Create a private feed just for friends, family, teams or groups

This is a HUGE deal for independent podcasters or small businesses looking to monetize or add value to their show. We hope you love using it as much as we do.

What is a private podcast feed?

A private feed is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of appearing on public RSS feeds and podcast apps, a private feed is exclusively for the people you share it with, giving you complete control over who listens your podcast.

How do subscribers get my private feed if it’s not public?

It’s actually pretty similar to public RSS feeds, in that subscribers still need a link to subscribe to. The difference is, each subscriber to a private feed gets their own unique RSS feed link from you via email, and uses that to listen to in their podcast app of choice.

How do I promote my private feed?

Podcasts using private feeds are invite only. So, you invite people to sign up via email. This can be an existing list, a promotion, a giveaway – anything that encourages people to sign up with their email. You send an invite to them with instructions on how to subscribe, and that’s it – simple! You’ll be creating a private feed for a new podcast in no time, whether it’s for company updates, premium content, or whatever else you have in mind.

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