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Learn How to Grow & Monetize Your Podcast with Captivate Growth Labs

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Introducing Captivate Growth Labs

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Do you feel like you don’t know what to do or when to do it when it comes to growing your podcast audience and generating revenue from your show?

You’re not alone -after all, you didn’t become a podcaster to learn about marketing, promotion and monetization!

That’s why today, we’re launching Captivate Growth Labs.

Captivate Growth Labs is a safe place to learn all of the skills that no one told you that you needed to become a successful podcaster and is completely free to all Captivate users!

With an actionable and continually expanding library of courses and workshops diving deep into all facets of podcast marketing, audience growth and monetization, you’ll never feel stuck, you’ll never feel lost and you’ll never feel alone as you watch your audience and your downloads grow.

But Captivate’s Podcast Growth Lab isn’t just about the best education & guidance from the world’s leading growth experts, it’s also about giving you a safe community to remain accountable, share feedback and join other podcasters like you during live masterminds, clinics & podcast maker days and to take part in regular growth challenges that will help you to achieve clear, specific goals for your podcast.

Captivate helps you to grow & monetize your podcast with a range of tools to suit your specific needs and with Captivate Growth Labs, you can be even more confident that your podcast is growing beyond your expectations.

Captivate Growth Labs is free to all Captivate podcasters, forever.

Grow your podcast with Captivate Growth Labs

Why did we build Captivate Growth Labs?

We’re lucky to have worked in product design, marketing and generally be in business for a long time.

When you work on something so deeply every day, you learn so much. In particular, you learn skills that can be transferred successfully to other things, like growing a podcast audience.

For years we have run a successful podcast education membership site called Podcast Success Academy which has two tiers: a free tier with our flagship “how to start a podcast” content, The Podcast Launch Accelerator course and the accompanying crib sheet, office hours and community; and a paid-for tier that includes all of our growth content – content that teaches you the skills that no-one told you that you needed in order to be a successful podcaster.

As we work with more and more podcasters via Captivate, we didn’t feel comfortable with the experience we were giving you – making you log into two places and potentially even having you pay extra for world-class podcasting education as other people make you do.

So, we decided to wind down The Podcast Success Academy and build this podcast growth content, community & range of events directly into Captivate, giving you access to it all for free as a Captivate podcaster.

We believe in your capacity to grow your audience and believe that our job is to give you every possible helping hand that we can.

Enjoy Captivate Growth Labs and look out for fresh podcast growth content & resources very, very frequently.

All Captivate Growth Labs content is available from your Captivate dashboard navigation and accessible via Captivate’s Omni-Search.

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