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At Captivate, we have one goal - to help you grow your show. To do this, we've created some of the most robust podcast analytics on any podcast host. And because they're IAB Certified, you know they're going to be 100% accurate.

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Trust your data with industry recgonized IAB-certified podcast analytics, giving you a true reflection of your growth.

Accurate, reliable and trustworthy podcast analytics are essential for growth, which is why Captivate is IAB-certified, regconized across the podcasting industry. Summary dashboard gives you top-level data about your podcast including unique listeners, downloads, trending episodes and monthly rolling downloads. Dive into your analytics on a more granular level with Listener Behaviour including data on how they listen (listener apps, devices etc), demographics, compare episode performance, and access in-depth episode analytics on an individual basis, including Web Player Analytics.

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IAB-Certified Podcast Analytics

As the podcast industry continues to develop and evolve, the one thing that we are dedicated to as a podcast hosting platform is of course, the accuracy of your podcast analytics.

We are passionate about getting closer to the people listening, not just the number of file downloads that your podcast receives and that's why, Captivate, is proud to say that we are IAB-certified as a podcast analytics provider.

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Measure Your External Links

Along with our IAB Certified podcast analytics, you can also deep-dive into your Short Links, guest sharing links and podcast marketing links to track how your listeners are engaging and converting.


Create Your Podcast Network

Create your podcast network, invite your team, cross-promote your episodes, and analyze your entire network's performance and analytics in one place, and in just a few clicks.

Captivate powers some of the biggest networks in the world and gives the same tools to you, the serious indie podcaster.

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Podcast Analytics FAQs

We recommend that you publish at least one episode and wait at least 90 days before creating one, so that your data is as compelling as possible.

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