Powerful Podcast Hosting for Your Business.

Hey, I'm Mark, co-founder of Captivate.

I've been podcasting since 2013 and been in business since 2003. I know that as a business owner, saving time and generating revenue is core to your decision-making.

That's why podcast networks, producers and creative agencies across the world choose Captivate to host their podcasts.

With simple yet powerful podcasting tools built specifically for your business needs, Captivate is the perfect place to bring your shows, your team and your clients.

Partnerships and distribution directly to these apps, and many more!

Apple Podcasts
Amazon Music
Player FM

Captivate creates a simple RSS feed that can be understood by any podcasting app and added to apps with just one-click.

Why use Captivate for your podcast network, production company or agency?

Easy & quick to use with no compromise

With a strict "no jargon" rule, Captivate has been designed to be quick to use so that you don't have to spend more time than you need doing the day-to-day work.

Business specific features

With network analytics, custom show grouping, network websites and analytics API access, podcasting within your business has never been more useful!

Client & team access made easy

We don't charge per user and we make it easy to give granular access to the right people at the right time. From clients to team members, Captivate makes it easy.

A support team for your business

We work with networks, producers & creative agencies to make sure our SLAs are industry-leading & constantly appraised so that you have the confidence to scale.

The easiest podcasting interface on the planet, with the most thoughtful growth features included

Wherever you podcast from, Captivate makes it easy on any device.

We designed Captivate's interface to be easy-to-understand and by putting the most powerful podcasting tools right there at your fingertips.

Access what you need, when you need it without the confusion and frustration associated with many host interfaces.

Want Captivate to do something just for you?

We release new upgrades every Thursday, so just ask and we'll get right on it with you!

Captivate podcast hosting simple dashboard overview

Your podcast brands,
wherever you choose

Captivate Podcast Website Mockup Multi Device
  • Run your own .com website? Embed with simplicity and speed!
  • Work with WordPress? Captivate Sync keeps your site up-to-date automatically and fits right in with your current theme!
  • No website yet? Create your own podcast home in minutes with the free Captivate Sites website builder, compatible with any device and email capture platform.

Works with


A podcast player that helps to build your audience, right away

  • Embeddable podcast player with the single, latest episode, show-level and custom collection options that make embedding your show anywhere easy and quick.
  • Works with SquareSpace, Wix and any WordPress theme!
  • Embeds directly to Twitter for instant playback.
  • Instantly designs itself based on your cover-art design, yet fully customizable!
  • Measures where listeners drop-off from listening and more!
  • Create custom-curated playlists and collections for embedding anywhere. Perfect for grouping related content!
  • Grow your audience with in-built calls to action, listener donation support and more!

Did you know?

Every Captivate network, producer or agency can also create private podcasts for members, paying listeners and more - perfect for patrons, supporters and bonus content or selling the service in to clients!

Easy-to-use advanced analytics for your business

  • Network-level analytics & performance data
  • Where, when and how listeners tune-in
  • Trend analysis
  • Deep-dive episode analysis
  • Multi-episode performance comparison
  • Cumulative download progress data
  • Unique listener analysis
  • Quick-glance averages
  • Hour-by-hour breakdown
  • Web-player listener statistics and drop-off data
  • PLUS: one-click sponsor pitch PDF creation and so much more!
IAB Certified Seal

Podcast analytics certified by the IAB


Amy Woods' Creative Agency Brings Captivating Podcasts to Clients

Amy Woods runs the world's leading content repurposing creative agency.

With clients including Gary Vaynerchuk, Jay Baer and many recognisable household brands, Amy initially contacted Captivate to help launch and grow her clients' podcast audiences.

"What I liked about Captivate was that the team really understood from the get-go what it means to use podcasting as part of a wider business and how important it is to have great service levels and the right tools to hand.

Whether you're a podcast network or agency like Content10x, the Business plan from Captivate is the perfect way to bring scalable podcasting to your company and with the constant feature updates and business-specific tools within the platform, it means that I'll never need to go through the pain of moving hosts!

The best part? Giving my clients and show hosts access saves me SO much time! Thanks, team!"

Amy Woods Content10x Captivate Business Podcaster
Sam, Captivate head of the support team

This is Sam.

Sam is the head of our international podcaster support team and will make sure we're there every time you need us.

7-Day Risk-Free Trial

  • Full use of Captivate, no features held back!
  • Create unlimited podcasts, unlimited shows and launch to Apple, Spotify, Amazon and more!
  • Complete, personal support from Sam and our friendly global team.
  • Access to our private podcasting education Facebook group and live, deep-dive Q&A sessions.
  • Brand new podcast-growth features released every Thursday!
  • No obligation to stay, at all!

Choose Your Plan

All plans include a free no-obligation 7-day trial.
You'll get unlimited access to all features from day one, with no need to upgrade (ever!)

For Custom Plans or need over 300,000 downloads per month, please email [email protected] who can help.

For Custom Plans or need over 300,000 downloads per month, please email [email protected] who can help.

Did you know?

All Captivate plans feature access to every single feature, we don't make you pay extra to "unlock" things!

Need a hand with your network or creative agency podcasting plan?

Podcasting is something that we can help with more than just hosting your show and giving you analytics.

That why all Captivate business podcasters get access to a free, private group for safe sharing, feedback and to ask questions of each other, our expert podcasting team and where we host free, deep-dive Q&A sessions where the team digs deep into podcasting questions from you, personally.

We run a business, just like you, and we know how important collaboration & speed of execution is and that is why Captivate is more than a just hosting platform. It's a community of podcasters that help each other to learn, grow and succeed.

A grid showing a range of podcasts that are hosted and distributed using Captivate