Captivate Sync™ Updates!

Captivate Sync™ Updates!

This week it’s all about showing love to Captivate Sync™ and our wonderful WordPress users – we have feature additions, bug fixes and code changes to lighten the load even more.

  1. Episode-specific artwork upload now uses the WordPress media library for processing, providing better error handling of erroneous dimensions, etc.
  2. Fixed a minor bug that popped up now and then when an episode status is different between Captivate and Captivate Sync™.
  3. We’ll now alert you if there is something wrong with your MP3 file when uploading via Captivate Sync™.
  4. On new installations of Captivate Sync™, sync will now run every 10 minutes make sure all episodes are swept up nicely.
  5. Fixed an intermittent issue with episode date and timezones.
  6. You can now add a custom WordPress excerpt per episode in Captivate Sync™. Shiny shiny.
  7. We’ve also done a full code sweep and refactored lots of code to make things even faster. Love a good clear out!

Sweet, right? Right? Right!

See you next week!

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Playlist Player Updates & Apple Banners

It’s weekly update time!! As always, we’ve worked hard to listen to what you’d love to see in Captivate and have put together the latest release as follows…

  • Updated playlist player for seasonal podcasts: For you beautiful seasonal podcasters, we’ve made the Captivate embeddable playlist podcast player most recent seasons and episodes first and made it even easier to navigate for listeners. It’s pretty nifty, actually!
  • Expanded the use of automatic Apple banners on Captivate powered podcast websites: You know those fancy little banners that you see at the top of websites that send you to the app store or Apple Podcasts? Yeah? Well, Captivate sites automagically includes them on your Captivate powered podcast website so that visitors have one-click access to your show in Apple Podcasts from their device. Also pretty nifty!

All relevant help articles have been updated to reflect these changes.

Introducing Collections, Curated Podcast Playlists that Your Listeners Love

Introducing Collections, Curated Podcast Playlists that Your Listeners Love, Expertly Crafted By You!

We just released a unique feature that lets you curate playlists with custom embeddable players and their own RSS feeds that you can use to educate, entertain and expand your podcast audience.

The “Collections” feature can be found on the right side menu of your Captivate account. It is the perfect way to make your back catalogue more accessible and to increase listenership of your podcast through curation and collection of related episodes.

We also put together three creative and really powerful ways to use the “Collections” feature, here.

Episode Expiration & Episode Feed Exclusion Options Now Live!

It’s weekly update time!! As always, we’ve worked hard to listen to what you’d love to see in Captivate and have put together the latest release as follows…

  • Switch show cover art on and off: As part of your advanced player customization options you can now decide whether you want to display your podcast cover art on your player. Just another way to make your player look and feel how you want it to. Head to your player settings for a closer look. 
  • Set an episode expiration date & time: There are often times when you need to say something that is time sensitive, whether that is a holiday message, an announcement or something important that you need to tell your audience but that isn’t always something that needs to stay in your podcast RSS feed forever. It’s something I’ve needed, that’s for sure – so, we built it! From today, all Captivate podcasters can set an episode to “expire” from their RSS feed and thus, the podcast directories on a specific date and time. The time settings respect your Captivate timezone settings and each episode with this setting applied is clearly visible within your Captivate episode listing.
  • Exclude podcast episodes from your feed and directories: We also noticed that there are often times when a podcaster wants to publish an episode but exclude it from their RSS feed and the directories. This isn’t a private RSS feed, it’s a way to make sure that your episode is only available via a direct share or a web embed using the Captivate embeddable podcast player and so, today we also launched the ability to exclude podcast episodes from your RSS feed at your leisure – nice!

All relevant help articles have been updated to reflect these changes.

Advanced Embeddable Podcast Player Customizations & More!

It’s weekly update time!! As always, we’ve worked hard to listen to what you’d love to see in Captivate and have put together the latest release as follows…

  • Advanced player customization options: We’re seeing podcasters all over the world using the Captivate player within their marketing stack. Often, that means that the player is integrated into a current website using Captivate Sync™ or via a direct embed. We’ve made it easy to control every single aspect of the interaction ability of a listener using the embeddable player by giving you the option to decide what you’d like your player to show to a listener. Head to your player settings for a look see. Thanks to Daniel J. Lewis!
  • Captivate Sites social updates: We now show all social links entered in your personal Captivate profile within the bio section of your Captivate powered podcast website. We’ve also shifted from two additional external links and now will display one link, but with a custom label for the link. We force the update to your website whenever you save your profile. Magic! Not really… CODE!
  • Added IAB Verified logo to sponsor kits: Following last week’s announcement that Captivate is now IAB Certified (awww yeah!) we’ve added the IAB verified seal logo to your sponsor kit so that potential sponsors can see that your podcast analytics are verified accurate. Shazam!

Captivate is IAB Tech Lab Certified!

As the podcast industry continues to develop and evolve, the one thing that we are dedicated to as a podcast hosting platform is of course, the accuracy of your podcast analytics. 

We are passionate about getting closer to the people listening, not just the number of file downloads that your podcast receives and that’s why, Captivate is delighted to continue its user-focused push to become the world’s best podcast hosting platform by announcing today that the platform is now IAB Tech Lab Certified! Awesome! 

Check out the full details over on the Captivate blog.

Unique Listener Analytics!

We’re always working hard to help you to grow your podcast. But, as podcasters we’re a little addicted to measuring downloads when really, we’d love to be able measure people who listen to our show. 

So, we’ve just introduced “Unique Listener Tracking” to your Captivate analytics as a free upgrade to all Captivate podcasters!

Right now, in your Captivate analytics area you’ll see a new section called Audience Overview. Within this section you’ll now be able to see the following unique listener data points:

  • Unique listeners today
  • Unique listeners yesterday
  • Unique listeners over the last 7 days
  • Unique listeners over the last 28 days
  • Unique listeners over the last 90 days
  • All-time unique listeners

This data is aggregated as:

A unique listener is defined as a listener from the same IP address and the same device within the presented timeframe. This is a way of estimating the number of people downloading your show. This is based on the IAB v2 guidelines.

This is part one of an analytics upgrade aiming to make it easier to estimate your true audience size and we’re hosting a live webinar on this within our private, Rebel Base Media podcaster group over on Facebook next week to dig even deeper into this.

We’ve also added “Last updated” information to the top right of your analytics screen and your main Captivate dashboard so that you can see the last time we updated your data for you.

Pretty sweet, right?!

Google Podcasts Manager & More Podcast Community Help!

It’s weekly update time!! As always, we’ve worked hard to listen to what you’d love to see in Captivate and have put together the latest release as follows…

  • Public Podcasting Group Launch: In addition to our exclusive, highly-personal Rebel Base Media Support & Experience Group, which features two-way live Q&A sessions and a personal service for all podcasters using our platforms, we just relaunched our public group to help all podcasters regardless of their skill level or status. Join the thousands of other podcasters over there.
  • Update to Google Podcasts Manager in Distribution: Google Podcasts has just released Google Podcasts Manager which is a very simple way to submit your podcast to Google Podcasts and, in a similar way to Apple Podcasts Connect & Spotify for Podcasters, view Google-specific podcast analytics. We’ve added this to the Captivate “Distribution” area and created some help articles & tutorials on how to work with Google Podcasts Manager

Buggy Bug Bug Fixes

It’s weekly update time!!

As always, we’ve worked hard to listen to what you’d love to see in Captivate and have put together the latest release as follows…

  • Better parsing of link text in show descriptions for Captivate Sites: When using Captivate Sites, if you add a website address in your show settings it needed to become a link automagically. It will now automatically turn into a link that is target=blank, for example.
  • Internal show transfer process updates: We’ve made it easier for our team to be able to transfer shows between owners for when, for example, someone leaves a network or production company to build out on their own. It’s still a highly personal and vetted process.
  • Regex update to Google Podcasts URLS: Fix for the regex for adding the Google URL when copying from Google Podcasts, users can now include %/&/= in the Marketing section.
  • No copy and paste madness in show notes: When copying from a Word or Google document the formatting that comes over for colors and background colors on spans and other tags can be problematic. We’ve expanded the “blacklist” for pasted in code and still maintain the “whitelist” to make sure things like lists, etc, are formatted nicely on paste.

Brand New Podcast Analytics Features!

With a new episode deep-dive view, publish date overlays and city/region breakdowns across your entire show or on an episode-by-episode basis, your Captivate podcast analytics just got a serious power boost!

Pierre, one of our resident Captivate engineers, an all-round nice guy and owner of the biggest hair in lockdown has been working exceptionally hard with the engineering team on crafting some sweet podcast analytics upgrades for Captivate podcasters that we’ve released today!

Here’s a quick rundown of what the team has done:

  • Deep-dive episode view: You can now dive-deep into the trends for each podcast episode that you release by filtering your entire analytics data on an episode-by-episode basis. Ooooof!
  • Overlay download data with release days: What happens when you release an episode? BOOM! Downloads! Right? Well, usually yeah but sometimes peaks and troughs occur where you absolutely would not expect them. So, click the new shiny little box to overlay your podcast release dates on to your podcast download data to start to learn about some of the trends that your show experiences. Pro tip: try “singe day” view with this turned on and choose a date when you published something.
  • Break your download data down into state, region, city/town level: Available at show or individual episode level, you can now view the states/regions and city/town that your show gets downloaded in. Cool, right?
  • Add percentages to all the data you’d like to see as a percentage: Data geek? Just like the shape of a percentage sign? We’ve added percentages to every reasonable piece of data that you’d want to see a percentage next to. You’ll see percentages in grey next to the core data where available. If you do just like the shape of a percentage sign, here’s a little something for you: %%%%%%%%%%.

Of course, all of these updates are free to every single Captivate podcaster 😄

Some charity work

Hey also, we’ve been HUGE fans of what Podchaser has been doing to help Meals on Wheels America’s COVID-19 charity efforts by donating 25c to the charity for each review left on the platform.

We’ve decided to contribute by matching every single review left over on Podchaser for a Captivate hosted podcast and will match the donations up to $750 in total.

You gotta do your bit, right?

YouTube channel launch!

Podcast advice is usually complicated, full of jargon or given by people who have been podcasting for about an hour.

So, we decided to do something about that by launching our straight-talking, no BS YouTube channel to help you cut through the podcast education noise.

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