Error checking and support updates

It’s weekly update time!! 

As always, we’ve worked hard to listen to what you’d love to see in Captivate and have put together the latest release as follows…

  • Error checking upgrades: There are so many times where we need to give you a pointer or a heads-up about something you’re doing on Captivate so this week we’ve gone through many of our error messages around podcast artwork, player settings and more to make those errors even more descriptive and useful to you. Boring, we know but important, too!
  • Admin tools for our team: We have a lot of background admin tools that our team uses to help you out via support. This week we added a couple more around imagery and social sharing that you won’t see, but that you’ll experience thanks to our support being even faster!
  • New private Facebook group: We love working with you and our community. We wanted a way to bring all of our Rebel Base Media paying podcasters together into a safe community to discuss anything that you need at all. So, separate from our public-facing community, we just created the private Rebel Base Media Podcaster Support & Experience Facebook group – make sure you’re a part of it!


Mark is the CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media and one-half of the brains behind Captivate, whose journey into podcast technology began in 2013. An accomplished founder, Mark is also a passionate podcaster, TEDx speaker and wildly approachable Brit. Twitter: MrAsquith. Instagram: MrAsquith. Podcast: The Podcast Accelerator.