A New Player FM Integration and a Login Screen Makeover!

A New Player FM Integration and a Login Screen Makeover!

It’s weekly update time! This time, there’s a brand new integration in the Distribution dashboard! Plus, we’ve improved our login screen to improve your experience and help you to find useful information a whole lot quicker!

Player FM Integration – You can now submit your podcast to Player FM straight from the Captivate Distribution page. Head to the blog to find out more about our new partner, its millions of active users and how to get listed on the platform.

New Login Screen Makeover – She’s here and she’s gorgeous! We’ve given our login screen a polish for better user experience. You’ll now be able to find useful and essential information a whole lot easier. Head to the login screen to check it out for yourself!

As always, all relevant help articles have been updated.

That’s it for this week!

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Introducing… Captivate Sites™ 2.0: The Most Powerful Podcast Websites From ANY Hosting Platform

Huge news! We’re proud to announce eight huge brand new upgrades to Captivate Sites™, making them the most powerful podcast websites from any hosting platform, included for free on every Captivate hosting plan. 

Every single Captivate podcast website now has even greater build features, flexibility, functionality and marketing potential so that your podcasters can grow their shows on their terms.

Here’s everything today’s feature includes:

  • Two new additional site layouts, totalling three fully responsive website templates.
  • Customizable episode order settings – display most recent or oldest episodes first.
  • Pin an episode to the top of the page – perfect for trailers!
  • Customize team biographies at show level – extremely useful for teams managing multiple podcasts.
  • Email opt-in forms – capture emails for newsletters straight from your podcast website! Choose from direct integration with AWeber or insert an HTML snippet from another provider (which we’ll make look pretty). Customize the copy of every single element to suit your podcast’s messaging.
  • Lead magnets – Captivate Sites™ now supports in-built opt-ins, allowing you to manage your lead magnet fully within Captivate and your email provider. As with sign up forms, you can use AWeber or insert a HTML snippet from your chosen provider. If you choose to upload an image alongside your email opt-in, Captivate will make your opt-in layout look great automatically, too!
  • Website search functions – we’ve added a search bar to the site’s top navigation. Listeners will now be able to satisfy their own search quickly without having to crawl through the entire feed.
  • Captivate Sites™ now uses the API to display episodes, instead of the RSS feed podcast feeds will now auto-paginate and will populate as many episodes as it needs to fill the page, improving site speed.

Welcome, Danny Brown and A Gerry Anderson Podcast!

Well well well, we’re back with more updates!

This week has been largely a bug fixing week but we did do two things that might interest you, too…

  1. We integrated AdBarker prefix support directly into Captivate – thanks, Ryan Gray!
  2. We welcomed our brand new podcaster support expert to the support team. Welcome, Danny Brown! Danny has been a long-time Captivate user so if you’re in our private Facebook community, I have no doubt that you’ll know Danny already. Danny joins the team lead by Sam to continue to give our podcasters the very best podcasting experience, bar none!

Hey also, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been working with the Gerry Anderson network (creators of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett and so much more) on their stunning new show First Action Bureau which is an original, in-universe creation from Jamie Anderson and Nicholas Briggs and features an insane voice cast including Sacha Dawan, Nicola Walker and Patterson Joseph.

Check out the trailer for First Action Bureau, here.

Last up, we’re announcing the first keynote speaker for our private Ready, Set, Grow! podcast marketing event tomorrow, too!

This exclusive to Rebel Base Media podcasters using Captivate, Podcast Websites and Podcast Success Academy (growth-tier).

Jiosaavn Distribution Is Here!

We also updated our Amazon Music/Audible integration with some more behind-the-scenes tweaks to make ingestion even easier for the Amazon team.


Captivate is 1-year old on August 29th! We have something special happening!

We debated whether to do a big public party or not but decided, for our first year, to instead honour those who have helped us the most through the first year: our podcasters like you.

So, tomorrow (August 28th) we’re going to be announcing something very special for our Captivate podcasters and you can join Mark at 12pm Eastern in the exclusive Facebook group for the announcement.

Role Management Overhaul & Some Analytics Preparation!

Today we released a HUGE redesign of how Captivate’s role management works, making it even easier to grant the right levels of access and create a custom setup that works perfectly for you and your team. You can now set very specific permissions for each show in your account, and for each person on your team.

Plus, we released some background analytics tracking ready for a feature release in around a month – this is so that when we release the new analytics feature, you have some data in there already!

As always, Sam and the podcaster experience team have updated all of the relevant help articles and tutorials, too!

Welcome to Our Partners Gaana and Podcorn!

We’ve been working hard with both the Gaana and the Podcorn teams to make life easier for podcasters so, to both teams, thank you!

We also released our brand new podcaster resources section that includes our recommended design, outsourcing, music (intro, outro, etc) and editing tools – all from partners that we know, trust and use ourselves.

Oh, we also updated the marketing section to allow you to use Google Podcast’s new URL structure, too. Faaaancy.

Introducing Embeddable Player Multi-Language Support

Embeddable player multi-language support & YOU get a timestamp, YOU get a timestamp and YOU get a timestamp!

Imagine if there was an embeddable podcast player that translated its interface into your listener’s language.

Well, now there is with Captivate’s embeddable player! Plus, we make it easy to add clickable audio timestamps to any website and smash a bug like a Starship Trooper.

Here’s what we released today cats and kittens…

Multi-language embeddable player support: Now the interface on your embeddable Captivate podcast player auto-translates itself to Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Polish, Italian and French depending on your listener’s browser language setting. How fancy is that?!

Clickable timestamps for you, and you, and you!: We released clickable timestamps to WordPress via Captivate Sync™ and Captivate Sites users a couple of weeks ago and today we’ve made it so that *anyone* can have them on their sites using a little bit of code in their site’s header. How? Check out the help article here.

Unique listener bug: We had a few sporadic reports of the dashboard “unique listener” figure for 90-days being higher than the all-time number. That was weird. But we found an issue with one of our database queries and fixed it. Weirdness, be gone!

Until next time 🙂

Annual Pricing & Multi-Currency Options Now Available!

Today we released annual pricing for all podcasters using Captivate 🙂

That means that Captivate now starts at $17 per month (paid annually) and that all plans have an annual plan available that saves you money on your podcast hosting.

We also launched multi-currency options so that Captivate will detect USD, GBP or EUR pricing based on your location, meaning that if you’re in the UK, for example, you won’t pay extra if your bank charges for international payments (how is that still a thing in 2020?!)

All of the new plans are available to new podcasters and to you as a podcaster already using Captivate. Just head to your account to switch to an annual plan.

Oh, we’ve also tweaked the onboarding a little for new users so that we capture information that we need for VAT (to make your invoices more useful) and to help you decide how you want to be walked through your first minutes within Captivate.


MP3 Auto-Conversions and Internal Report Upgrades!

It’s weekly update time!! This week we’ve introduced a few tweaks to keep giving you that gold-standard podcasting experience. Here’s what’s got better:

MP4/M4A to MP3 auto-conversion: Although we all like to upload podcasts in mp3 format, sometimes podcasters upload an mp4 or m4a file to Captivate and Apple Podcasts, etc aren’t so keen on it. So, we’ve made it so that Captivate now automatically converts mp4 and m4a files both on upload and on import from other podcast hosting platforms, to save you some hassle! It’s nice to be nice.

Upgrades to some admin reports: We love reports. Honestly. We love nothing more than a really nice spreadsheet. So, we’ve upgraded two of our internal reports that help us to help you – pretty boring, but really useful for us. Remember the clickable timestamps last week? That was more fun, wasn’t it.

Introducing Clickable Timestamps!

Introducing Clickable Timestamps!

As a podcaster, one of the biggest goals that you have is to drive people through to your website. That’s why today we’re introducing automatic clickable timestamps to make it easier for your listeners to navigate your audio in just one click!

All you need to do to add a clickable timestamp to your podcast show notes is to type a timestamp in the following format:

(03:41) – Example




Once you publish your episode, Captivate Sites or Captivate Sync™ will automatically turn those timestamps into clickable links that will take the listener to that point in your embedded Captivate podcast player. Magic!

Don’t worry, if you type an invalid timestamp in (that doesn’t exist, for example), Captivate is smart enough to know that it’s not a valid one and won’t turn it into a link.