Welcome to Our New Senior Product Developer, Graham!

2020 has been a weird year all round, so what better way to end it than emulating how we started it, by welcoming a brand new product engineer to the Captivate team!

Graham Neilson this week joins us as senior product developer working with our product engineering team to bring new Captivate features and releases to podcasters across the world – fancy!

As we ramp up to 2021, we want to accelerate how we help podcasters like you, so Graham won’t be the only new team member joining us over the next few weeks – we’ve completed recruitment for four other team members joining us between now and February – and I can’t wait to introduce you to them.

This week we have decided not to run a product release and to just welcome Graham to the team. This is pretty much because it’s getting close to the Christmas break and it’d be crazy to release another big feature so close to the holidays – apparently, Kieran and the dev team want to sleep – I don’t know about this, personally :p.

But don’t worry, you can still enjoy the private podcasting mega-release we did last week and I strongly recommend that as a Rebel Base Media podcaster, you share your 2020 successes for a chance to be featured in our yearly round-up!

We do have some things we will be releasing next week though, nothing big but very useful and powerful additions to your Captivate podcasting toolkit.

As a heads up, too, we’ll be running altered support hours across the Christmas holidays so if you’re a Rebel Base Media podcaster, you’ll have had an email about that and will receive a few more running up to the break, too.

For now, say hello to Graham!

Hello, Graham!


Mark is the CEO, co-founder and one-half of the brains behind Captivate, whose journey into podcast technology began in 2013. An accomplished founder, Mark is also a passionate podcaster, TEDx speaker and wildly approachable Brit. Twitter: MrAsquith. Instagram: MrAsquith. Podcast: The Podcast Accelerator.