Recommended Podcasting Tools & Resources

Working hard with podcasters like you, we often come across fantastic podcasting tools and resources that will help you to produce, grow and market a better so.

We also run our Podcast Success Academy to help podcasters to launch and grow a show by teaching you the skills that no-one told you that you needed to succeed. These resources are available within the Academy, too.

Our recommendations have all been used by us and some are affiliate links, too.

Podcasting equipment

Recommended podcast microphones and equipment

Choose the right mic, desk, cables, headphones & more the first time with our time-saving, personally curated list.

Amazon UK | Amazon US

Podcasting software and software help

Podcast Websites – WordPress website help

24/7 WordPress support from real people with years of experience in podcasting. It’s WordPress but in a safe pair of hands.

Check out Podcast Websites

Captivate – Recommended podcast hosting – obviously

The easiest, most usable podcast hosting platform with the most helpful tools to grow your audience!

Try Captivate for 7-days free

AWeber – Start and grow a profitable email list

Every podcast has fans. But, without a way to build relationships with them, how can your show grow?

Get started with AWeber’s free plan

Alitu – Easy podcast editing

Easy podcast editing with no tech knowledge required, polishing your audio has never been easier!

Try Alitu for quick and easy podcast editing

SquadCast – Remote interview recording

Record with guests anywhere in the world and sound like you’re in the same room!

Try SquadCast for free and start recording remotely

Podcast design services

Fiverr – Podcast cover art design and more

From graphic designers to audio producers and voice over artists, Fiverr is the one-stop team building shop!

Build your podcast team with Fiverr

Canva – Design your own podcast cover art and more

The simplest way to design and create the perfect podcast cover art, and hey – it’s free!

Start designing right now!

99Designs – Find the perfect design team for your podcast

Hire a personal podcast cover art designer and choose from the designs that you love the most! Simple, affordable and fast! Get $20 off, too 🙂

Save $20 on your podcast design with 99Designs

Podcast music, intros and jingles

SongsForPodcasters by SyncFloor

The easiest and cheapest way to source high-quality music for your podcast without any royalty or licensing worries. You NEED to try this!

Find your podcast music, now

MusicRadioCreative – Custom podcast jingles, intros and voiceover

Find, script and order the perfect podcast introduction from industry pros, in just a few minutes!

Order your intro or podcast jingle in just a few minutes

Podcast learning resources

Podcast Success Academy – Learn to start a podcast for free

Our free Podcast Success Academy tier makes it easy to start and launch your podcast the right way. I’ll personally walk you through every step!

Start the free podcast launch course

The Podcast Accelerator – Learn podcasting with Mark & the team

Launch & grow your podcast with Mark, three times per week and under 10 minutes each – available in all podcast apps for free!

Check out the trailer!

Our Youtube channel!

Straight-talking, open and clear podcasting tips, tutorials, education and advice from the Captivate and Rebel Base Media team. New videos every single week!

Learn podcasting with us on YouTube


Mark is the CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media and one-half of the brains behind Captivate, whose journey into podcast technology began in 2013. An accomplished founder, Mark is also a passionate podcaster, TEDx speaker and wildly approachable Brit. Twitter: MrAsquith. Instagram: MrAsquith. Podcast: The Podcast Accelerator.