Podcasts on Amazon Music: What You Need to Know

Amazon Music now has podcasts!

After weeks of leaked communications, whispers and will-they, won’t-theys, Amazon Music has finally launched its podcast catalogue. To date, the catalogue features 70,000 titles from a range of publishers and independent podcasters, including Amazon Originals and exclusives. 

The launch of Amazon Music’s podcast catalogue will likely have a major impact on podcast listening numbers: with over 55 million active users across its free and paid tiers, podcasters who choose to list their shows on Amazon Music will now have access to another huge, global distribution channel and millions of potential listeners.

From now on, you’ll be able to listen to podcasts through the Amazon Music app, the web player or on an Amazon Echo. So far, the launch is limited to the US, UK, Germany and Japan, and you need to be signed into an Amazon account in order to access the library and listen. 

Features are also limited: you can ‘follow’ a podcast to add it to your library, and sharing is limited to copying your show’s URL. We’re hoping Amazon Music will add more features to improve the UI very soon – watch this space!

How Do I Find My Podcast on Amazon Music?

Our podcast, The Podcast Accelerator, listed on Amazon Music
Our podcast, The Podcast Accelerator on Amazon Music

If you submitted your podcast to Amazon Music before the initial September 9th deadline, you should be able to search for your podcast and find it in the catalogue now. You can continue to submit podcasts to the directory through a podcast host like Captivate or directly through Amazon Music

How Do I Submit My Podcast to Amazon Music Using Captivate?

There’s no doubt that submitting your podcast to Amazon will open up your audience and give your existing listeners more ways to access your content. Getting your podcast into Amazon Music is done in just one-click using Captivate’s centralized distribution page. For full, step-by-step instructions on how to do this, check out our guide!

Launch, Grow and Market Your Podcast with Captivate!

Amazon Music is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to distribution: Captivate integrates with all the major directories and aggregators from across the globe to help you maximise your podcast’s discoverability and reach.

Our growth and marketing tools include advanced IAB-certified analytics, customizable podcast websites, easy-to-share podcast single subscription links, embeddable calls to action, a handy one-click sponsor kit and tons more – all from day one with zero extra charges. Get a risk-free 7-day free trial to start growing your podcast audience now, with Captivate.

Have you found your podcast on Amazon Music? What kinds of features would you like to see? Let us know in our Facebook group!


Rachel is Captivate's Marketing Coordinator and works closely with podcasters to ensure that the content that Captivate creates is genuinely helpful and easy to understand.