Video: GarageBand For Podcasters – Tutorial, Tips and Tricks

Reading Time: < 1 minute GarageBand comes pre-installed on all iOS devices – can podcasters make use of it, or is it just for musicians? We’ll teach you how to perfectly set up GarageBand for your podcast and give you actionable tips on how to record and edit your episodes like a pro!

Video: Podcast Logos vs Cover Art (Roles and Differences Explained!)

Reading Time: < 1 minute What’s the difference between your podcast cover art and your podcast logo? We’ll take a look at the reasons why you really should have both, how your logo can be incorporated into your cover art AND how it can improve your personal brand!

Spotify Launches 2023 Wrapped for Podcasters

Reading Time: 4 minutes Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped for Podcasters is officially here. Learn what it is, how to access it and how to use the data to grow listeners today!