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The News Agents


Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall - three of the UK's top journalists - host a brand-new daily news podcast: The News Agents.

Full Disclosure with James O'Brien


Award-winning LBC presenter and best-selling author James O'Brien hosts a series of compelling conversations with fascinating people.


Podcast episodes and counting...

Move your complete podcast download analytics history from your old host, in minutes!

Our industry-first Analytics Importer Tool allows you to move your complete podcast download analytics history from your old host to Captivate with no loss of data and with fully interactive graphs and date range controls.

This is not available with any other podcast host and our fully-guided process takes just a minute or two!


Graphing Data and Custom Naming

Data displayed with beautiful graphs with custom naming for easy reference.


Simple, Intuitive Import Process

Easy import process and takes just a few minutes.


Import Complete Podcast Analytics History

More than just a number, import your entire history!


A powerful suite of tools to supercharge your podcasting workflow and to save you time and money. Unique to Captivate and available, free, on all plans.

Guest Booking Screenshot Xs


Sell content, create profitable audio memberships, accept tips, give exclusive or early-access, sell bonus content and more directly from your hosting platform.

Dynamic ad solutions

Industry-leading dynamic ad tools to monetize your podcast and promote your own products, services, merchandise, live events and more.

Advanced workflow tools

Plan episodes, research topics, let Captivate build your show notes, book guests, manage interviews and more with Captivate's all-inclusive toolkit.

Fully-integrated Guest Booking platform

Save money and time by using Captivate to book your interview guests and manage recording sessions. Then, let Captivate build your show notes for you!

Private podcasting

Create private, internal and secure podcasts using Captivate's fully-integrated private podcasting features. Available on every plan.

Easy to use Marketing tools

Market, grow and monetize your podcast with Captivate's powerful podcast marketing tools.

Free for 7-days.


Your podcasts everywhere... distribute automatically to every podcasting app.

Reach audiences all over the world with easy, single-click submissions to leading directories including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and Amazon, as well as popular listening apps like Pocketcasts, Goodpods, Overcast, TuneIn, Castro and Podcast Addict.

Apple Podcasts
Amazon Music
Podcast Addict
...and more!
Apple Podcasts
Amazon Music
Podcast Addict
...and more!

Proven monetization tools built directly in to your podcast hosting platform.

The all-inclusive podcast hosting platform that you've been waiting for.

Monetization is a long-term goal for many serious podcasters like you, and it's now easier than ever to achieve with Captivate's podcast hosting platform. Paid membership subscriptions and one-off tips are a tried and tested way of generating both singular and recurring revenue from your growing fanbase.

Set up recurring subscriptions directly within Captivate and monetize your show today. Available on all plans!

iPad Silver (1).

Membership Subscriptions

Monetizing your podcast through memberships can provide a reliable source of income. Create a community and increase listener loyalty. Podcast memberships can also give you the flexibility to experiment with different pricing models and adjust your offerings to meet the needs of your audience.


The most comprehensive podcast analytics, ever, included on every plan.
All IAB-certified.

Captivate's podcast hosting doesn't hide any "advanced" analytics behind a paid upgrade. Every podcaster on our podcast platform gets world-class measurement and reporting on every single plan and with features like our Performance Comparison and deep-dive location, device and software analytics, your podcast measurement & growth analysis has never been more detailed.

Plus, measure retention rates with our Unique Listener feature and content consumption rates using our web player analytics.

Our advanced analytics are simple, clear and easy to understand. What's more, we achieved IAB v2.0 Certification within months of launch to bring you reliable analytics that meets industry standards.

What real podcasters say about our podcast hosting...


I've been with captivate.FM with my podcast Stillness in the Storms for over 2 years. My podcast has grown steadily.What is incredible...

James Walker

16 May 2023

I've been with captivate.FM with my podcast Stillness in the Storms for over 2 years. My podcast has grown steadily.What is incredible...

Steven Webb

16 May 2023

I love working with this very easy to use and powerful app. Guys on captivate support are very helpful !

Juliette DARGAND

16 May 2023

The absolute best podcast hosting service because it's so much more than just hosting. High quality people with drive, deep knowledg...

Seth Creekmore

22 November 2022

Amazing customer service - I really appreciate how fast Captivate gets back to you with a response and they are also so helpful. I highly...

cairp dream team

12 October 2022

I couldn't be more happy with my experience with Captivate. Previously, I was using Simplecast, but there was a lot I wasn't able t...

Sarah M

14 September 2022

Really great service with easy learning curve for use. Helpful knowledge base.

Andrew Ware

18 August 2022

These guys make my life so much easier. I love that they handle all things podcast for me, guest scheduling, episode uploading, distribu...

Bree Carlile

4 April 2022

I hesitated to move my podcast to Captivate.fm but I wish I hadn't waited for a second. Captivate makes your life as a podca...

Victoria Bennion

14 February 2022

I switched to Captivate due to some dishonest business practices from my previous podcast host. I was BLOWN AWAY by what I found whe...

Jenn | Virtual Summit Search

3 February 2022

Verbal Diorama
with Em

The long-running movie podcast by Em has been successfully publishing for 230+ episodes and has grown a cult following of loyal fans. Here's how Captivate helps!

Verbal Diorama Podcast - hosted on Captivate podcast hosting

The News Agents,
by Global

Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall - three of the UK's top, most revered journalists - host one of the world's biggest news podcasts: The News Agents, produced by Global.

Podcast Cover

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

Vicki Weinberg started, grew, and became an award-winning podcaster in just two years - here's how Captivate helped & continues to help with Vicki's journey to success!

Bring Your Idea to Life Podcast - hosted on Captivate podcast hosting

The podcast platform with easy, clear pricing and a full-access 7-day free trial.

All plans include a no-obligation, 7-day free trial and access to Captivate's Podcast Growth Labs.

Starting or moving your podcast is easy with Captivate and you will be enjoying all of the refreshingly simple, innovative features within just a few seconds.




Captivate Growth Labs.

Teaching you the things that no-one told you that you needed to know in order to grow, monetize and succeed with your podcast.

We're more than just podcast hosting: free to all Captivate podcasters, on every plan, forever.

Course Library

Captivate Growth Labs is a safe place to learn podcast marketing, SEO, how to get sponsors, how to get more listeners and also gives you a safe community to remain accountable, share feedback and join other podcasters like you during live masterminds, podcast maker days and regular growth challenges that will help you to achieve clear, specific goals for your podcast.

Captivate Growth Labs is free to all Captivate podcasters, forever!

Free for 7-days.

Have questions about Captivate's podcast hosting platform?

Podcast hosting is a service provided by a podcast platform like Captivate that allows you to upload your podcast episodes and that will distribute them to all podcast listening apps by generating something called an "RSS feed".

A podcast hosting platform also measures your podcast downloads and reports back to you using "podcast analytics".

Good podcast hosting platforms give you full, in-depth data without it being hidden behind upgrades and great podcast hosting platforms give you extra tools included at no extra cost.

Support Team

Just starting out or are you a podcast veteran looking for modern podcast hosting?
We got you.

Captivate's support team is known in the industry as the very best.
Seriously, ask around.

Why? Because we've been doing this since 2013 and we're all podcasters who were podcasting before Captivate existed. We'll never make you feel silly, undervalued or like you're not being heard. We promise.

We service every single timezone on the planet and
our support team is available almost 24/7.

Free for 7-days.

How to Start a Podcast: Launch, Attract Your First 100 Listeners & Cover Costs - No Jargon!!

Mark Image

Still not launched your podcast? It can be hard, especially if you feel like you're doing it on your own.

Our co-founder, Mark, has produced over 1,400 podcast episodes since 2013; we've taken all of that experience and created the best podcasting course in the world that covers ideation, the tech, what to talk about and how to execute a successful podcast launch. Best of all: it's free, it has a workbook and we run weekly accountability office hours just for you.


Diagnose what is stopping your podcast launch, now!

Did you know that there are only FOUR things that stop people like you from launching a successful podcast?

The problem is, you don't know which of the four is affecting you, so you can't overcome it because you don't know what to ask! Until now...

Take the 45-second test to uncover, diagnose and overcome the ONE major thing that is holding you back from launching your podcast!


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Secure. Safe. Protected.

Your security is paramount. Our advanced multi-factor authentication ensures airtight account protection for your podcast hosting. Your login combines a password with a unique verification code, thwarting unauthorized access to your podcast platform. Trust us to keep your account safe as you enjoy a worry-free experience with Captivate.

2FA Process

Pioneering innovation to push the podcast industry forward.

One-off Tips

Looking for a way to earn revenue from your podcast without committing to ongoing membership programs? By giving your listeners the option to support your show with a Tip, you can generate income while maintaining flexibility in your monetization strategy.

iPad Silver
2.0 Badge

Podcasting 2.0

The next generation of podcasting with enhanced RSS feeds for the independent podcaster.

Captivate is one of the leading podcast hosting platforms to support Podcasting 2.0. With features like Location Information, Medium Type, Custom Text and new funding models, listeners now have additional ways to engage with their favorite podcasters, including you!

Certified Pod Standards

Podcast Standards Project

Captivate is proud to be certified by The Podcast Standards Project.

The Podcast Standards Project is a grassroots industry coalition dedicated to creating standards and practices that improve the open podcasting ecosystem for both listeners and creators.

Exclusive Content

Sell exclusive content that encourages your audience to support your show financially. Attract and retain sponsors by demonstrating the engagement and loyalty of your audience.

Early Access Content

Give your loyal, paying fans early access to your podcast episodes using Captivate's in-built, one-click early-access feature. Used by some of the biggest shows in the world, including The News Agents, and available to you, now.

Media Kit

Showcase your podcasts' unique value proposition, demographics, and engagement metrics to attract potential sponsors and make a compelling case for why they should invest in your podcast.

Join thousands of other podcasters and turn your side project into a revenue earner.